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A: 美语训练班,内容丰富,大家都喜欢!

B: 学习美语并不难,关键三个字:不偷懒。

A: 哈哈,Donny, 你也会说顺口溜啊!

B: 一般一般, 全国第三!怡茹,Let's give our audience a preview of today's show, shall we?

A: 好!今天这节课,我们要去一个生日派对上蹭饭, 要和老朋友聊聊自己的社交生活,要看扑克牌大赛, 还要告诉大家用美语怎么说“顶尖的,最好的”。

B: That sounds good, but I also want to listen to the program about office politics. Is that in the program today?

A: 哦!你说讲办公室权利斗争的“礼节美语”?别着急,这个我们也会教!

B: Fantastic!

A: 不过, 咱们还是先来个简单的 - 花一分钟,学一个词!

Learn A Word: outdoor

今天我们要学的词是outdoor. Outdoor户外的。Outdoor activities室外活动。New York City's ban on outdoor smoking, including parks and beaches, went into effect last Monday. 纽约市有关户外吸烟的禁令上星期一开始生效,禁烟场所包括公园和海滩在内。Most outdoor swimming pools in our area opened for business this past weekend. 我们所在地区的大多数室外游泳池都从上周末开始营业。With summer approaching, outdoor cookouts will soon be in full swing. 随着夏天的来临,室外烧烤马上就会进入高潮。好的,今天我们学习的词是 outdoor....

A: 说到这个outdoor barbeque 户外烧烤,那可是one of my favorite summer activities--我最爱的夏日活动之一!

B: I love it too! And I'm really good at it! You should try my BBQ chicken wings. They're the best!

A: 这么说你是个烤鸡翅专家喽?

B: 那当然,I'm the be all and end all BBQ expert!

A: Be all and end all? 这不是我们今天要教的词吗?

B: 没错,我们来收听“美国习惯用语”。

Words and Idioms: Be all and end all

各位听众,现在播送<美国习惯用语>第 934讲。我是杨琳。

我是 Douglas Johnson.

我一个朋友找了份新工作。公司的条件可好了,薪水高,待遇好,办公楼里就有专为雇员准备的医院、健身房和幼儿园。说心里话,我真有些嫉妒这个朋友! 不过,我也想到了一个习惯用语,那就是:

Be all and end all. Be is spelled b-e, all is spelled a-l-l, and end; e-n-d. Be-all-and-end-all.

be all and end all 意思是“顶尖的,最好的”。Where my friend is going to be working strikes me as being the BE ALL AND END ALL. 我觉得,我朋友的工作待遇简直是好得不能再好了。不过,我朋友自己很谦虚,并没有把自己的好工作逢人就讲。而下面这段话中的这位妈妈就不一样了,我们来听一听:

"My sister-in-law is constantly boasting. She doesn't know anyone who has better parenting skills. Supposedly, she's exceptionally devoted and nurturing. If you ask me, she's not the BE ALL AND END ALL. Many moms care just as much about their children. They're also much more humble about themselves."


要我看,带孩子就要有耐心,有爱心,尊重孩子,虽然IT IS NOT THE BE ALL AND END ALL CHECKLIST FOR GOOD PARENTING, 这不是教育孩子的“必杀技”,但总算也是个大原则吧。好了,我们再来听听刚才那段话:

"My sister-in-law is constantly boasting. She doesn't know anyone who has better parenting skills. Supposedly, she's exceptionally devoted and nurturing. If you ask me, she's not the BE ALL AND END ALL. Many moms care just as much about their children. They're also much more humble about themselves."


"The Ironman Triathlon consists of nearly 4 kilometers of swimming, 180 kilometers of biking and 42 kilometers of running. And it must be raced in that order without a break within 17 hours. Most athletes consider it the BE ALL AND END ALL of sports competitions. They don't know of any event that's tougher."


如果您有兴趣,铁人三项赛每年都在美国的夏威夷举行,您可以去参加,挑战自己的体能极限。我就算了,去夏威夷悠闲地度假才对。那里有自然美景、温暖气候和超级海滩,难怪 Hawaii is the be all and end all for many tourists,夏威夷是很多游客最爱的去处。 好了,我们再来听听刚才那段话:

"The Ironman Triathlon consists of nearly 4 kilometers of swimming, 180 kilometers of biking and 42 kilometers of swimming. And it must be raced in that order without a break within 17 hours. Most athletes consider it the BE ALL AND END ALL of sports competitions. They don't know of any event that's tougher."

各位听众,今天我们学习的习惯用语是be all and end all,意思是“顶尖的,最好的”。好的,这次[美国习惯用语]就到此结束,我是杨琳,我是 Douglas Johnson。谢谢各位的收听。

A: be all and end all,顶尖的,极限的。Donny, 如果你真是个 be all and end all BBQ expert---顶级烧烤王,那我可少不了要去品尝你的手艺哦!

B: 没问题!Actually I just hosted a BBQ party last weekend. I invited about 10 guests, but somehow more than 20 people showed up!

A: 啊?你请了10个客人来烧烤派对,结果来了20多人?

B: 是啊。Some of them were complete strangers.

A: 压根就不认识?一定是闻着你那顶级烧烤的味道,流着口水过来蹭饭的吧!

B: Of course!正好,咱们来听下面这个节目,看看“白吃白喝”用“美语怎么说”。

How to say it in American English: Free Loader


Donny: Jimmy! How did your birthday party go last weekend?

Jimmy: 不错! 大家玩儿得很高兴! 可是,有些客人我根本不认识。这些不速之客,用美语怎么说?

Donny: Ah-ha! These guests are called party crashers! Crasher is spelled c-r-a-s-h-e-r.

Jimmy: 哦,聚会上的不速之客是party crasher. 现在想想,I got at least three party crashers. 客人太多,没注意,就让他们混进来了。

Donny: 没错! Party crashers usually target big parties. They blend into the party so they don't get kicked out.

Jimmy: 可不,他们混进来之后就猛吃猛喝,不太说话。

Donny: 其实,Having a couple of freeloaders in your party was not that terrible.

Jimmy: freeloader?

Donny: Yes. f-r-e-e-l-o-a-d-e-r, freeloader 白吃白喝的人。

Jimmy: freeloader就是蹭吃蹭喝的人。我生日party上那几个party crashers明显是冲着吃喝来的,他们就是典型的freeloaders!

Donny: 没错,Some party crashers come for the food and drinks, while others just want to meet new people.

Jimmy: 还好我那天准备的酒足够多,虽然有些不速之客,大家还是能尽兴! Party结束后,几个朋友喝多了,还在我家睡了一晚上呢!

Donny: Jimmy, it's nice of you to let them crash for the night at your place. You're such a good host.

Jimmy: 怎么又是 crash?

Donny: Here, the word "crash" means to temporarily stay or sleep at a place. For example, a friend might ask you: "Can I crash on your sofa for the night?"

Jimmy: 哦,crash 就是暂住,那你说的"Can I crash for the night on your sofa?" 也就是“我能不能在你家沙发上凑合一晚上”。

Donny: That's right! Now let's see what you've learned today!

Jimmy: 第一,派对上的不速之客是party crasher


第三,凑和睡一晚,可以说 crash here for the night.

A:Donny, your BBQ party was crashed.

B:That's true, but I don't blame the free loaders for coming. My chicken wings are irresistible after all!

A: 也不一定是因为你烤的鸡翅太香,或许是因为派对上有几个美女,才把这些人吸引过来了呢!

B: That's equally true. All the best-looking ladies come to my parties.

A: Really? So, your must be enjoying your social life!

B: So far so good. 怡茹, Let's listen to the next program--GoEnglish,美语三级跳。讲的就是social life!

GoEnglish :Greeting friends--Intermediate


Winnie: Jen 和 Lawrence 是很久没见的老朋友,俩人圣诞前夜在街上偶遇,一块儿吃饭,聊天叙旧。

Professor: Winnie, in this first part listen for the phrase "to catch up," which means "to talk with someone about what you have been doing."

Lawrence: Wow Jen, it's so cool that we ran into each other on the street. I'm really interested to hear how you've been for the past year.

Jen: I know! It's really great that we have a chance to catch up. How have you been?

Lawrence: I've been well. I'm having trouble finding a job, but at least my social life is pretty good.

Jen: See, I'm the opposite. I have a great job and a nice apartment, but my social life is terrible.

Professor: So Winnie, who has a better social life, Lawrence or Jen?

Winnie: 要说“SOCIAL LIFE", 社交生活,那Lawrence就比Jen强多了。Lawrence说,他虽然找不到工作,但是 has a great social life. Jen则正相反,她有好工作,公寓很称心,可是她的社交生活 terrible--糟透了!

Professor: That's right. If, like Jen, you never have a chance to go out to parties and have fun, you can also say, "I have no life." For example, "During exams I have no life because I have to study all day."

Winnie: 哦,“I have no life", 就是说没机会去参加派对、不能出去玩儿。Jen 的生活怎么会这么没意思呢?

Lawrence: Why is your social life so terrible? I remember that you used to go out and have fun all the time.

Jen: I know! But now I'm in medical school so I have to study all the time. My love life is a disaster too.

Lawrence: You know, I have a friend who you might like. I think you two would make a really great couple.

Jen: Hmm..... come on Lawrence, what's wrong with him? If he was such a catch, he wouldn't be single.

Winnie: 哇,Jen一边上班一边还在念医学院! 难怪她没时间去认识男孩子,感情生活一片空白。

Professor: Exactly. But what does Lawrence offer to do?

Winnie: Lawrence说要给她做媒! 不过 Professor, Jen好像不太愿意,她刚才说的 "catch",是什么意思?

Professor: A catch is a really great boyfriend or girlfriend. For example, "Joseph's girlfriend is beautiful, rich and really funny. Where did he ever find a great catch like that?"

Winnie: 哦,原来catch 就是完美的情人! Jen觉得,如果Lawrence的朋友真像他说得那么好,还不早就被别的女孩儿抢走了!

Lawrence: No, he's a really great guy, and he's just your type. Trust me.

Jen: Well, what does he look like? Describe him.

Lawrence: He's pretty tall and has brown hair. Some people say he looks like Brad Pitt.

Jen: Uh .... Brad Pitt is almost 50, and I don't have a thing for old guys.

Lawrence: Oh come on, stop being so superficial. You'll love his personality. He's really smart and has a great sense of humor.

Jen: Well alright, I'll give him a chance.

Winnie: Professor Bowman, Jen 说"I don't have a thing for old guys",这是什么意思?

Professor: If you "have a thing" for something, it means you really like it. Jen says she doesn't have a thing for older guys, like Brad Pitt, meaning she doesn't want an older guy to be her boyfriend.

Winnie: 啊?Jen也太挑剔了! Lawrence说自己的朋友长得像布拉德·皮特,她居然嫌皮特老!说自己不要老男人! 难怪 Lawrence说 Jen is being superficial! 就是肤浅,只看外表。 不过,注重外表也没有错,男人不是也希望找漂亮的女朋友嘛!

Lawrence: Great! I'll call him and tell him. But first I need to take a picture of you.

Jen: What? Why do you need to take a picture of me?

Lawrence: Well of course I need to show my friend your picture to convince him to go on a date with you.

Jen: Oh come on! Why is this guy so superficial?

Lawrence: See, I knew that you two would have something in common!

Winnie: 哈! Lawrence说,自己的朋友和 Jen“have something in common”---有共同之处,那就是俩人都superficial! 呃……在这个基础上能产生爱情么?

Professor: Well, listen next time to find out!

A: 看来,人生总是有得有失。Jen事业学业都蒸蒸日上,But her social life is terrible, 社交生活糟透了, her love life is a disaster too, 爱情方面也一无所获。

B: That may soon come to an end! Lawrence is willing to hook her up with a great guy.

A: 没错!Lawrence 说,这个人is really smart and has a great sense of humor,又聪明又幽默,He is just Jen's type, 就是Jen喜欢的那种人,They would make a really great couple. 俩人在一起肯定特合适。

B: Lawrence is a great friend. I only wish I had a friend like him to help me out.

A: 哎?Donny, 你不是说你的社交生活特棒吗? 干嘛还需要朋友帮忙啊?

B: Er....I meant my...er....life in the office could use some help.

A: 哦,那倒是,如果在办公室里遇到不顺心的事,也能有一个像Lawrence这样的人帮你排解烦恼,那就好了!

B: 那也不是不可能!咱们来听听下面的“礼节美语”。

Business Etiquette:Power Struggles III

David跟Sandra 聊天,谈到办公室里的勾心斗角是难以避免的,所以只能想办法面对。Sandra 说,

S: Maybe I need to toughen up. You know that old saying: If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

D: Maybe...but have you tried talking to Tim about this?

S: No...I'm not really a confrontational person.

D: Well, who don't you give it a shot. Use unemotional language and just be very clear and firm about how you feel. Tell him about the things you like about his work ethic and then tell him the areas you don't like.

老话说,If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. 意思是如果承受不了压力,就索性不要干。David 问 Sandra 有没有试着找 Tim 谈谈。Sandra 说自己不喜欢跟别人对抗。confrontation is spelled c-o-n-f-r-o-n-t-a-t-i-o-n, confrontation 是对抗的意思,变成形容词就是 confrontational. David 建议 Sandra 不妨找 Tim 谈一下试试看,give it a shot. 告诉 Tim 自己很赞赏他的 work ethic 工作态度,但是同时也把对他不满的地方告诉他。

S: That's a pretty good idea.

D: And remember...it takes two to tango. You can't have a power struggle without two people, at least two people. You can choose to participate or not.

S: You make some good points.

D: The next time Tim cuts you down in a meeting, don't react. Just let his comments hang there and people will see how petty he's being.

David 补充说,it takes two to tango. tango is spelled t-a-n-g-o, tango. It takes two to tango 就是中文里说的一个巴掌拍不响,还有另外一种说法是 it takes two to make a quarrel. 也是这个意思。David 建议,下次 Tim 再故意贬低 Sandra, 最好不去理他。这里说的 cut someone down 有贬低某人的意思,后面还可以加 to size, to cut someone down to size. David 说,just let his comments hang there 意思是不要去接他的话碴儿,这样别人就会看出他是多么的狭隘,小心眼。

S: I guess I have to remember that all of us are human and humans have egos and will lash out when threatened.

D: That's right! Sometimes I think our office is pretty much like the zoo. We're just office apes!

S: That's a funny thought! Thanks for your advice, David. I feel better already.

D: You're very welcome! See you tomorrow!

Sandra 也说,人都有 ego, ego是自我,自大的意思,在感到自身受到威胁的情况下,就会 lash out, lash out 意思是求助于口头或是肢体上的攻击。Sandra最后对David表示感谢,说自己跟David谈了这么一会儿,I feel better already. 我已经感觉好多了。

A: David真是个好人,在他的开解下,Sandra感觉好多了! David说,It takes two to tango, 一个巴掌拍不响,这很有道理!

B: Yes. He also said if someone tries to embarrass you in a meeting, the best thing to do would be to not react at all. You should just let his comments hang there.

A: 这个办法好,不理他!好啦,办公室政治就说到这里,下面咱们轻松一下,看看别人玩扑克!

American Sports English: Poker

Y: Patrick, I'm bored.

P: I have an idea. Let's watch the poker tournament on TV!

Y: Poker tournament?

P: Yeah, poker tournament.

Y: I know poker, 扑克牌。 可是我只听说过poker face, 没听过还有poker tournament扑克牌比赛。

P: Oh Let me tell you, it's really exciting.

See, that guy was just dealt a really good hand.

Y: A good hand? 一只好手? Let me see your hands, which one is the good hand?

M: No, your hand is the set of card that you are given. If you have good cards you have a good hand, and bad cards are a bad hand.

Y: 有一手好牌就是 have a good hand。

P: Yes, and in fact you can use that expression in other situations. You can say you were dealt D-E-A-L-T, a good hand when you are put in a good situation, and a bad hand for a bad situation.

Y: 那我可以说今天 I was dealt a very bad hand.

P: Why?

Y: Because I have to watch poker on TV with you.

P: In that case you were dealt a fantastic hand!

Also, when a player has a hand that puts them at a big advantage, you can say that they are holding all the cards.

Y: I see. 因为是在你的公寓,所以你觉得 you are holding all the cards,看什么节目就要听你的。

M: See, you're catching on! You are learning all the useful poker terms! Isn't poker fun?

Y: Fun 你个头! If you don't change the channel, I'm going home.

M: No way, you're bluffing. Bluffing is when you pretend that you have a good hand, even though you don't. In everyday use, bluffing is pretending you will do something that you won't.

Y: You think I'm bluffing? 只是在吓唬你? I'm leaving, see you tomorrow!

M: Wait, you're really leaving? No, stop! I'll change the channel! OK, you are holding all the cards! You can do whatever you want! Please stay.

A: 啊呀,看得我手痒痒。Donny, 我有个主意,这个周末,咱们去你家烧烤,尝尝你的be all and end all chicken wings,然后再来个 poker tournament, 扑克牌大赛,怎么样?

B: Good idea! Let's party!

A: 好,今天的节目就到这里。节目的撰稿人是晓北,编辑是蔚然。同学们,我们下次的美语训练班再见!