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A: 美语训练班上课啦!我是王怡茹。

B: And I'm Donny. 怡茹, can I give the show preview today?

A: 你想来介绍节目内容啊?没问题! Go ahead!

B: 好!今天这节课,我们要聊聊八卦, 和朋友介绍的人约会,欣赏花样游泳, 还要告诉大家怎么用美语说“完蛋了”。

A: 说得不错嘛! 按照老规矩,咱们还是先来个简单的--花一分钟,学一个词!

Learn A Word #1262 unnerve

今天我们要学的词是 unnerve, unnerve is spelled u-n-n-e-r-v-e, unnerve. Unnerve 是动词,意思是令人感到焦虑烦恼。Location-tracking by smart-phones have unnerved many people concerned about privacy. 智能手机的定位功能让注重隐私权的人感到不安。Rising gasoline prices have unnerved consumers. 油价上扬给消费者带来了烦恼。The latest U.S. jobs data unnerved investors. 美国最新就业数据让投资者感到不安。德国不久前出现大肠杆菌疫情。The deadly E.Coli outbreak unnerved the entire European market. 这次爆发的致命的大肠杆菌疫情给整个欧洲市场带来了不安。好的,今天我们学习的词是 unnerve, unnerve, unnerve.

B: The E.Coli outbreak is indeed unnerving news! I had planned a trip to Germany, but now, I have to reschedule everything just to be on the safe side.

A: 哦,你本来要去埃希大肠杆菌的爆发地--德国旅行,现在吓得不敢去了!

B: 对啊!

A: 那你说的 unnerving 就是 unnerve 的形容词形式,意思就是“让人担心害怕的”,对不对?

B: That's right.

A: Donny,我觉得你取消旅行是对的。要是去了德国,万一感染了病菌,还孤身一人在异国他乡,你可就完蛋了!

B: 可不,I will be toast.

A: Toast? 你要变成吐丝面包?

B: 不是!来听这集 "Popular American," 你就明白啦!

Popular Americana:You're toast// The tables have turned

各位听众,现在播送流行美语。李华要参加课堂辩论,很紧张, 找Larry出主意。他们会用到两个常用语:you're toast 和the tables have turned.

LH: Larry,我可怎么办?这次辩论的成绩占期末成绩的一半呢!

Larry: OK, OK. Calm down for a minute. What's the topic of the debate?

LH: 辩论的题目是国会最近通过的医疗改革法案!我当时没注意这个新闻,现在什么都不知道啊!

Larry: Oh, my. That is certainly a complicated topic, even for an American. Are you arguing for or against it?

LH: 我是辩论的正方还是反方?哦...我忘了。

Larry: You don't even know what side of the argument you're on? Well. Looks like you're toast.

LH: I'm toast? 你在说什么啊?

Larry: It means you have no chance; you're done for; you're finished. I don't see how you could possibly be prepared for this debate.

LH: "I'm toast" 就是 I'm finished? 我完了?没戏了?哎呀,这门课可是必修课,我必须要通过呀! Larry, you have to help me!

Larry: I don't think I can, Lihua...Although I know I'm going to be toast if I just sit there and be negative. Haha...

LH: 没错,要是你只顾坐在那里看我出糗,你就死定了!哼!

Larry: Well, I can tell you about the health care bill, but if you don't know what side you are on for the debate, I don't think that will help you.

LH: 虽然我忘了自己在哪一方,可我的老对头 Susie 是我的对手,我们不在一队,而且她特别能辩论。 I really AM toast, Larry.

Larry: Unfortunately, I would have to agree with you. You don't have any friends in that class? Give one a call and see if they remember which team you are on.

LH: 对! 我给Jennifer打个电话,看她知不知道我是哪一方的。


LH: Larry, 好消息!Susie 生病了!

Larry: Huh?

LH: Jennifer说,Susie重感冒,嗓子出不了声,更别提辩论了! I'm not toast anymore! 我有救啦!

Larry: Oh, I see. What about your team? Do you know what side you need to prepare to argue for?

LH: Jennifer说,我和她都是正方的,支持这个法案。她还让我不必担心,说我们这方有几个很牛的人! 这真太棒了!

Larry: That is good news. Looks like the tables have turned in your favor.

LH: The tables have turned? 什么桌子?

Larry: I'm not talking about an actual table. The tables have turned means that the person that used to be ahead is now behind, and the person who used to be at a disadvantage now has an advantage.

LH: 我明白了,the tables have turned 就是指形势发生了一百八十度大转弯! 我之前处于弱势,可现在忽然处于优势了!

Larry: Exactly. You can say the tables have turned in your favor. It doesn't look like your grade for this class is toast anymore.

LH: The tables have turned in my favor.风水转到我这边来了! 一切都对我有利了! 哈哈,我本来以为I was toast, 但是现在,对手病了,队友强大,The tables have turned! 我真是幸运!

Larry: It looks like your classmate Susie is the one who is toast now. And since you don't have to prepare for that debate anymore, I was wondering if you could help me out a little...

LH: 怎么了Larry?

Larry: Well, I need to submit a report on the Chinese market to my boss, and I've been putting it off. It's due tomorrow and I could use someone to help me do some research on Chinese web sites...

LH: 你明天要交一分关于中国的市场分析报告,现在还没怎么写?你想让我帮忙在网上查资料?哼! 我才不管呢!

Larry: Oh! Lihua, Please! If I don't finish this report in time, well, I'd be -

LH: You'd be toast! 你就完蛋啦! Larry, 几分钟前你还不肯帮我准备辩论呢,现在轮到你求我,我不帮忙了。 哈哈! It seems the tables have turned!

Larry: That situation was a little bit different...I didn't really have any way to help you.

LH: 这倒也是。可是,我也真的帮不了你啊,我又不会写市场调查报告。

Larry: You're not going to help me? But I'll be toast without your help!

LH: Sorry, Larry! 可我真的没法帮你,我要和我们辩论队的人在图书馆开会,对了,你能开车送我去图书馆么?

Larry: Ha, it looks like the tables have turned again...

各位听众,今天李华学了两个常用语,一个是you're toast,意思是“你完蛋了”;另一个是the tables have turned,意思是“局势发生逆转”。好的,这次《流行美语》播送完了,谢谢各位收听,下次节目再见。

A: 原来,You're toast就是说“你完蛋了”,“你有大麻烦了”!

B: 对!By the way, Yiru, have you heard about that Hollywood couple who got divorced? Apparently, the wife is back with her ex-boyfriend and the husband has a mistress too....

A: 对对对,娱乐新闻头条这两天都是他们要离婚的事儿!Their marriage is toast. 他们的婚姻算是走到头啦!

B: Yiru, 看来咱俩都够八卦的!

A: 哈哈,这有什么,现在就是全民八卦的时代!正好,咱们来听下面这个节目,看看“八卦”用“美语怎么说”。

How to say it: Gossip

Jessica 在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是杨林要问的:八卦。

JESSICA: 杨林,What are you planning on doing Friday night?

YL: 星期五晚上我要和几个特别好的朋友聚会,都是女孩儿!

JESSICA: Wow....A girls' night out! That's awesome!

YL: Girls' night out? 没错! 就是只有女孩参加的姐妹淘聚会! 我们打算在朋友家里吃饭、看片、唱歌,当然,最重要的就是--八卦! 对了,八卦怎么说?

JESSICA: 八卦就是 gossip. It means a trivial chat among friends.

YL: 哦,聚会时的闲聊八卦就是 gossip. I enjoy gossiping with my friends. 我喜欢和朋友们瞎聊。 But, Jessica, 八卦这个词也有不好的意思,就是传流言蜚语,gossip 也有这种意思么?

JESSICA: Yes! Gossip can also mean spreading rumors.

YL: 哎! 这倒让我想到另外一个和八卦有关的词---八卦杂志,小报儿,怎么说?

JESSICA: Those are called tabloids. tabloid is spelled t-a-b-l-o-i-d, tabloid. In America, tabloids usually refer to media that follow celebrity scandals.

YL: 哦,tabloid 就是专门报道名人丑闻的八卦媒体。所以我可以说 tabloid magazines, 八卦杂志,也可以说 tabloid web site,八卦网站。

Jessica: 对。

YL: I see. So, what about the reporters who gather information for the tabloids---狗仔队! 怎么说?doggies?

Jessica: No! 狗仔队是paparazzi, p-a-p-a-r-a-z-z-i, paparazzi. It's in plural form.

YL: 那我可以说. The local paparazzi are following this movie star everywhere.当地的狗仔队四处跟踪这个电影明星。对么?

Jessica: 没错! Now let's see what you've learned today!

YL: 第一,闲聊八卦,或者传流言蜚语,都可以用gossip;


第三,狗仔队,是复数名词 paparazzi!

这次的美语怎么说 就到这里。如果你也有不会说的词,请写信给 JESSICA, 电邮请寄meiyu@voanews.com

A:要说当明星谈恋爱也真不容易,The paparazzi are everywhere! 狗仔队跟得可紧呢!

B:Well, dating and handling relationships aren't easy after all, no matter if you're a celebrity or an average Joe.

A: 也是,普通人谈恋爱也不容易,总是让我欢喜让我忧啊!

B: Tell me about it!

A: 怎么了Donny? 你有什么感情生活的烦恼,可以告诉我啊!

B: 好啦!你就不要八卦了!Let's listen to the next program--GoEnglish,美语三级跳。讲的就是约会谈恋爱!

GoEnglish: Greeting friends--Advanced


Winnie: Lawrence 给Jen做媒,让她和自己的另一位朋友William 约会。

Professor: Today Lawrence and Jen have met for coffee to talk about how Jen's date with William went.

Lawrence: So Jen, what did you think of William? Did you guys have a nice time on your first date?

Jen: Oh yeah, it was great! He took me to an Italian restaurant and we had an amazing conversation. I told him about how many kids I want, and how my parents will be so excited to meet him.

Lawrence: You said all that on the first date? Alright .... Well are you two going out again?

Jen: Yeah! I called him after I got home to arrange our next date, but unfortunately his grandma is sick so he has been busy every night visiting her in the hospital.

Winnie: Professor Bowman,看来这个William还真是a catch! Jen好象对他很满意,甚至提到去见父母和生孩子的事呢!不过,第一次约会就说这么严肃的事儿,会把男生吓跑的。

Professor: Judging from my personal experience, that's very possible! Did you hear that William's grandmother got sick right after his date with Jen? That's a little odd.

Winnie: 就是啊! Jen一约William,William就说自己奶奶病重,哪有这么巧的事?! 八成是他不想再见面,所以找的借口!

Lawrence: William told you that his grandmother is sick, huh? What exactly did he say?

Jen: He said his grandmother got cancer and has only a few weeks to live. It's really so sad! But when I talked to him on the phone, it sounded like he was holding up really well.

Lawrence: It didn't sound like he was too upset, huh? What did you tell him?

Jen: I asked if there was anything I could do to help his family, and I told him that I could be a shoulder for him to cry on.

Lawrence: Well I hate to tell you this Jen, but both of William's grandmothers passed away more than five years ago.

Winnie: Professor Bowman, Lawrence说 William 的祖母五年前就“passed away”了, “pass away”不是去世的意思么?

Professor: Exactly. Sometimes people say that someone "passed away" because it sounds nicer than saying "died".

Winnie: 怪不得William在电话里 holding up so well---没有悲恸欲绝,原来奶奶生病真是他编出来的借口!

Jen: What do you mean his grandmothers are already dead? Wait a minute, you don't think he's avoiding me, do you?

Lawrence: Well you know, claiming that your grandmother is sick is the classic excuse used to get out of doing something.

Jen: Oh man, I hate rejection. It really makes you feel terrible, especially when you really liked the person.

Lawrence: Is there anything I can do to help? Just remember that I'm there for you if you want to talk about it.

Winnie: Professor, 我常听美国人说“being there for somebody”,这到底是什么意思呢?

Professor: "Being there for someone" is staying close to him and giving him support when he is going through a difficult period.

Winnie: Oh, being there for someone就是某人遇到困难时在他身边支持他,鼓励他。

Jen: Thanks. Sometimes talking with a friend is a great way to get over something. Do you mind if I vent a little bit?

Lawrence: Of course not. If you're feeling bad and want to let your emotions out, you can just say whatever you want to me.

Jen: Great, because I am really mad at William. I mean, what kind of an idiot wouldn't be able to appreciate a smart, beautiful woman like me? Anybody who would be friends with that guy has to be really dumb.

Lawrence: Uh, Jen .... you know I'm friends with William.

Jen: Oh right .... present company excluded, of course!

Winnie: 嗯,遇到挫折时,能有个朋友听你 vent 倾诉真是一件幸运的事。 不过,professor, Jen 说的 present company excluded 是什么意思?

Professor: When you criticize a group of people that the person you are talking to belongs to, you can say "present company excluded," which means the person you are talking to is excepted from that criticism.

Winnie: 哦, 就是“在场者除外”。如果你批评一群人,而听你说话的人也是其中一员的话,你就可以说“你不算,你跟他们不一样”。唉,Professor Bowman,学了今天这一课,我再次领悟到,天下乌鸦一般黑,男人全都靠不住!

Professor: Ahem??

Winnie: Oh! 当然啦, present company excluded!

A: 这个约会算是彻底失败!William 才见了Jen一次,就编了个糟糕的借口再也不见她了!难怪Jen got really mad at him!

B: The good thing is Lawrence is there for her.

A: 没错!Lawrence 说,如果Jen wants to let her emotions out,发泄感情,他会认真倾听。依我看,Lawrence could be a shoulder for Jen to cry on, 在Jen难过的时候,倒是可以借Lawrence的肩膀靠一靠呢!

B: Yeah! Actually they should just date each other! They would make a great couple!

A: 对呀!Jen应该赶紧转换情感对象!

B: That's easier said than done.

A: 不管难不难,看见这个人不合适,就得另找出路!哎,就算在公司里也是一样啊,如果有人不能胜任工作,最明智的做法就是让别人来替换他!Send him packing!

B: 怡茹,你的英语真是越来越地道了,send him packing 让他打铺盖走人!好吧,咱们来听听下面的“礼节美语”,说的就是这个。

Business Etiquette: Vote of No Confidence I

公司董事会成员 David 找 Ken 谈话,显得很神秘。

David: Hey, Ken...I need to talk to you.

K: Sure...what's up?

D: Can we step into the conference room? This is a more private conversation.

K: Sure...

D: Ok...I'm just going to lay it all out on the table: What do you think of Vincent's management style?

K: Well, Vincent has only been CEO for a couple of years and ... well...um...

D: I don't want to put you on the spot. Here's what I'm getting at: I don't think Vincent is the man for the job.

原来,David 找 Ken 谈话,是因为觉得公司首席执行官 Vincent is not the man for the job. 不称职。David 说,I don't want to put you on the spot. 意思是我不是故意为难你。to put someone on the spot 意思是让某人回答很难回答的问题。David 在上面那段话里还说 I'm just going to lay it all out on the table. 我就直截了当说吧。to lay something out 是讲清楚;on the table 意思是放在桌面上讨论。Ken 问 David 为什么觉得 Vincent 不称职。

K: Really? And what led you to this conclusion?

D: As I see it, he lacks the proper vision. His style is more about survival, and he's not taking the company anywhere. He's treading water instead of swimming.

K: Well, I confess I've had my doubts about his abilities before. It seems he mainly got the job because his famous aunt pulled some strings.

David 觉得 Vincent 缺乏远见,lacks the proper vision. 只能维持现状,不能推动发展,就好像在水里,He's treading water instead of swimming. 光是原地踩水,不向前游。Ken说,Vincent 担任CEO, 靠的是自己姑姑的关系,His aunt pulled some strings. to pull some strings 意思是动用关系。

D: I've been with this firm for 26 years and I'd hate to see it go down the drain due to poor leadership skills.

K: Me too. But what can we do? This isn't a reality TV show...we can't just vote him out.

D: Yes and no...We can't ask for a show of hands on who thinks he should be fired, but we can introduce a vote of no confidence at the next board meeting.

K: Interesting idea. You might be on to something.

David 说,自己在公司已经26年了,不想看着公司go down the drain就这么垮掉。to go down the drain 是失败,白费的意思。David 觉得,虽然这不是电视真人秀 reality TV show,不能让大家表决把他赶下台,a show of hands 是举手表决的意思,但是可以在下个董事会上提出一份 a vote of no confidence 不信任提案。

A: 哇,看来这个公司要小小的政变一下啦!

B: Right. The management is likely to have a shakeup after the vote of no confidence.

A: 那个靠着亲戚 pull some strings 动用关系当上总裁的Vincent,很可能下台。大家觉得他不能给公司带来发展,He's treading water instead of swimming. 他只会在水里原地踏步,不往前游。

B: You know what, Yiru? All these moves in the water are make me think of a certain sport.

A: 我知道,你是说花样游泳对不对?咱们马上来听“体育美语”!

American sports English: Synchronized swimming

Y: Hi, this is Yang Chen.

P: And I'm Patrick.

P: Yang Chen, do you know why we are at the swimming pool?

Y: We are going to talk about swimming.

P: But we aren't just talking about swimming. We are going to be talking about the Olympic sport of synchronized swimming.

Y: Synchronized swimming? 花样游泳!!!Do we have to talk about it. Patrick?

P: Yes, we do. Synchronized S-Y-N-C-H-R-O-N-I-Z-E-D swimming, Yang Chen. You know, the sport that combines swimming, gymnastics and dance. Why do you ask?

Y: 我告诉你一个秘密,你可保证不能告诉别人。我特别不喜欢Synchronized swimming。What a dumb sport!

P: How can you say that, Yang Chen? Those swimmers work really hard to get their routines in perfect unison. It is a very demanding sport, requiring strength and artistry.

Y: Strength力量,artistry 艺术,少拿这些大词儿吓唬我。 It's a dumb sport. It's dumb. I just don't get it.

P: Oh, come on, Yang Chen. It is like ballet in the water. In fact, the sport is sometimes called "water ballet".

Y: "Water ballet" 水上芭蕾?噢,这下我明白我为什么不喜欢Synchronized swimming了,因为我不喜欢芭蕾!

P: Well, then I guess I am just going to have to show you how demanding a sport synchronized swimming is. Let's try to synchronize some of our moves.

Y: Do we have to, Patrick?

P: Yes, Yang Chen. We have to. Okay-- Raise your right hand in the air, then reach down and touch your left foot like I am doing, while lifting your right foot.

Y: So, I raise my right hand,抬起右手 touch my left foot, 摸左脚,then lift my right foot. 抬起右脚. 喂,喂Patrick, 你开什么玩笑,这太难了!I am losing my balance! Ooooh, noooo! Help!

A: Synchronized swimming, 又称Water ballet, 水上芭蕾!我特别爱看!

B: So do I! Just think about the slender girls in their fancy outfits!

A: 啊?Donny,原来你是喜欢看美女啊?好啦,今天的节目时间差不多了。这次的撰稿人是晓北,编辑是蔚然。同学们,我们下次的美语训练班再见!