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A: 大家好,欢迎收听美语训练班!我是杨琳!

B: 我是Kat!杨琳,今天我们教什么呢?

A: 今天,咱们要去找路, 去划船,要聊聊买新车还是二手车, 还要告诉大家怎么用美语说“挂羊头卖狗肉”。

B: 狗肉?Er....I have a dog. I don't want to....

A: 哈哈,别紧张,这只是个说法而已。

B: Okay. My dog will be happy to know that!

A: 让他放心吧!哈哈!好,节目一开始,咱们还是先来学个词儿!

Learn A Word #1356 set aside

今天我们要学的词是set aside. Set is spelled s-e-t; and aside, a-s-i-d-e, aside; set aside. Set aside有留出,拨出的意思。比如,He set aside $200 each week and put it in his rainy day fund. 他每周都留出200美元存起来,以备不时之需。I always set aside time to exercise no matter how busy I am. 不管多忙,我都要留出锻炼身体的时间。在美国运通信用卡公司的倡导下,Every November, one Saturday is set aside as Small Business Saturday, to encourage people to buy from small businesses. 每年11月都会有一个星期六是“小企业日”,鼓励消费者买小企业生产的产品。好的,今天我们学习的词是set aside, set aside, set aside.

A: I set aside time to go for a walk every day no matter how busy I am. 我不管多忙,每天都要出去散散步。

B: Good for you! I hope I could do that too, but I have so much work to do. I'm breaking my back to impress my boss.

A: 啊?为了给领导留下好印象,你只好把后背给扭了?

B: Stop teasing me, 杨林!You know what I meant by "breaking my back!"

A: 呵呵,我是知道,可是很多听众可能还不明白,所以咱们就来听听今天的美国习惯用语吧!

Words and idioms 946

Words and Idioms #946

女:各位听众,现在播送<美国习惯用语>第 946讲。我是杨琳。

M:我是 Douglas Johnson.


M:Break one's Back. Break is spelled b-r-e-a-k, and back; b-a-c-k. Break one's Back.

女: 我们知道,Break这个词本身是“打碎”的意思,而Break one's back,背都打碎了,引申的意思就是“非常辛苦地工作”。我妹妹的男朋友工作非常辛苦,Working as a consultant in this company will break your back. 在这间咨询公司上班非常辛苦。下面这个例句是一个儿子谈到他妈妈为子女所作的牺牲,让我们来听听看:

M: "Mom always wanted my sister and me to enjoy a better life than she had. That meant working two jobs for many years to afford what we needed. She BROKE HER BACK. But, as a result, I became a surgeon and my sister, a concert pianist. We would never have become so successful without our mother's great sacrifices. "


女:是啊。母亲为孩子的牺牲真的很让人感动。这也是美国很多第一代移民的处境。他们为了让子女享受到他们没有享受到的生活,一生都非常辛苦地工作。The parents of immigrant families are willing to BREAK THEIR BACKS in order to give their kids a better life. 移民家庭的父母非常辛苦地工作, 想让孩子过上更好的生活。 好,让我们再来听听上面那段话。

M: "Mom always wanted my sister and me to enjoy a better life than she had. That meant working two jobs for many years to afford what we needed. She BROKE HER BACK. But, as a result, I became a surgeon and my sister, a concert pianist. We would never have become so successful without our mother's great sacrifices. "


M: "My neighbor across the street is one of the laziest people I know. Just about every day, he's out drinking beer on his front porch. Yet his house is falling apart and his yard is full of junk. It would take a lot of effort to get the place in good condition. Unfortunately, I can't imagine him ever BREAKING HIS BACK."


女: 自己家的院子都不愿意收拾,可真够懒的!在这里,我们也可以用 neck, n-e-c-k 来代替,"BREAK ONE'S NECK" 一样也是辛苦工作的意思。I can't imagine him break his neck for anything! 我想没有什么能让他去辛勤工作。好,我们再来听听刚才那段话:

M: "My neighbor across the street is one of the laziest people I know. Just about every day, he's out drinking beer on his front porch. Yet his house is falling apart and his yard is full of junk. It would take a lot of effort to get the place in good condition. Unfortunately, I can't imagine him ever BREAKING HIS BACK."

各位听众,今天我们学习的习惯用语是Break one's Back,意思是“非常辛苦地工作”。好的,这次[美国习惯用语]就到此结束,我是杨琳,我是 Douglas Johnson。谢谢各位的收听。

A:I don't want to be breaking my back everyday! I want some easy money!

B: But there's no free lunch, unless....

A:Unless 什么?快说快说!

B:Unless you win the lottery! 中彩票!

A: 诶呀,我还以为是什么好办法呢。买彩票也太不靠谱了吧,我从来没中过,纯属骗人的把戏!

B: 可是别人中过啊!你运气不好吧。

A: 也有可能,不过有些抽奖,有奖购物什么的,我真怀疑是骗你消费的把戏,就是节目开始时说的挂羊头卖狗肉!听听今天的美语怎么说,你就明白我的意思了!

How to say it: catch

Donny 在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教他。今天是吴琼要问的是:挂羊头卖狗肉。

Donny: Hey 吴琼, 你看,买这个可以赢200块现金奖!

WQ: 200块?! 哪有这种好事?I mean....It's too...too 什么来着?

Donny: It's too good to be true!

WQ: 没错,It's too good to be true. 哪有这种好事? 你仔细看看,抽奖细则里一定有什么附加条件。Donny, 这种附加条件英文怎么说?

Donny: It's called "catch." You can say: It's too good to be true. What's the catch?

WQ: Oh, catch, C-A-T-C-H, catch. What's the catch? 就是“有什么附加条件”?

Donny: 对。Now 吴琼, tell me how I can win this.

WQ: 你就别想了! 你看,你要先花五百块买这件产品,然后再去抽奖,中奖率千分之三!这根本就是挂羊头卖狗肉!

Donny: 挂羊头卖狗肉!这种说法好,英文里叫:false advertising!

WQ: 假广告?没错,就这意思。你别被忽悠啊!

Donny: I can't believe I almost got bamboozled!

WQ: Bamboo...竹子什么?

Donny: 是 Bamboozle, B-A-M-B-O-O-Z-L-E, 就是骗人。

WQ: 换句话说,Bamboozle 就是忽悠别人喽?

Donny: Exactly. I almost got bamboozled. 我差点就被忽悠了。

WQ: 是啊,不是说 There is no such thing as a free lunch. 天下没有免费的午餐嘛!

Donny: Yea, you're right! Let's see what you've learned today.

第一,哪有那么好的事是 it's too good to be true;

第二,隐含的附加条件是 catch, as in "What's the catch?"

第三,挂羊头卖狗肉是 false advertising;

第四,忽悠是 bamboozle!

B: 杨林,Do you want to go to a penthouse party with me this weekend? It's a very fancy party at my friend's place.

A: 有好吃的么?

B: Sure! A high-end restaurant will do the catering.

A:这么好!So....what's the catch?

B: 哈哈,你倒会现学现卖!There is no catch. My friend got a super good job and he's throwing this party to celebrate.

A: Wow! Good for him! 不过你可得提醒他,头天上班可别迷路!

B: Where does that come from?!


GoEnglish: Transportation-intermediate


MC: Craig 刚搬来纽约,第一天到新公司上班,却迷路了,只好向别人问路。

Professor: That's right, Winnie. In this first part, Craig stops to ask a policeman for help.

Craig: Excuse me, I'm looking for number 250 on East 97th Street. Can you tell me how to get there?

Policeman: Ninety-seventh street? Wow, that's pretty far away. I hope you're not in a hurry.

Craig: Actually, I'm late for my first day of work. What's the fastest way to get there?

Policeman: Do you have a car or are you taking public transportation?

Craig: I'm on foot.

MC: 第一天上班就可能迟到,Craig 肯定急死了,可警察告诉他,到公司还有很远的路呢!

Professor: That's why the policeman hoped Craig was not "in a hurry". If you're late for something, you can also say that you're "in a rush". It means the same thing.

MC: 哦,in a hurry 和 in a rush 都是“来不及”、“赶着做什么事”的意思。Professor, “public transportation”是指公车、地铁这样的公交系统么?

Professor: That's right.

MC: 可是Craig 既没有开车、也不坐公车、地铁,而是 on foot--走着去。我真担心他会迟到!

Policeman: Well if you're walking, the fastest way to get there is to go through Central Park.

Craig: Central Park? How do I get there?

Policeman: Follow this road straight for three blocks until you see 97st street. Then take a left.

Craig: OK, I'll go straight on this street and take the third left. Then what?

Policeman: Follow 97th street until you get to the other side of Central Park. Number 250 will be four blocks ahead on your left.

Craig: Great! Thanks for your help.

Professor: So Winnie, what does the policeman tell Craig to do?

Winnie: 警察说,沿着这条街走三个街区,看到97街后左转。

Professor: Exactly. And then what does he have to do?

Winnie: 然后,他要一直沿着97街走,直到穿过整个中央公园为止。然后,再走四个街区,公司就在路的左边。

Professor: Exactly. In this next section, one hour has passed and Craig has come back to talk to the policeman again.

Winnie: 啊?一个小时之后Craig又回来向这个警察问路,那一定是迷路了!

Craig: Officer, I followed the directions you gave me, but I didn't find the address! I think you gave me the wrong directions.

Officer: What? That's impossible. I told you the right way to get to 250 West 97th street.

Craig: West 97th street? No, I told you East 97th street! You mean I walked all the way there for nothing?

Officer: You're going to East 97th Street? Oh no, I must have told you how to get to West 97th street! East 97th street is just around the corner. You can get there in five minutes.

MC: 原来是这么回事! Craig要去东97街,可是警察听成了西97街,难怪Craig走了大半天,还是找不到公司!

Professor: Yes, Craig is having some bad luck this morning. But at least his destination is only five minutes away now.

MC: 对,好在警察说,东97街 is just around the corner,就在附近,一拐弯就到。

Craig: Alright officer, can you please tell me how to get to 250 EAST 97th street?

Policeman: Of course. Just go back to 97th street, and instead of turning left, turn right. The building will be on your left-hand side.

Craig: Ok. Is that the fastest route? I'm really late now.

Policeman: There is a short cut, but since you don't know the city well, it's probably best to take the easiest route so you don't get lost.

MC: 原来,问题就出在左拐还是右拐上。如果到了97街后右转,马上就能到公司!Craig为了赶时间,问警察有没有shortcut--近路,可警察怕他走丢,让他还是走最好走的路线。

Professor: That's right, Winnie. Do you think Craig's new boss will be mad at him for being late?

MC: 我们下次节目就知道啦!

A: 又是东又是西的,我听得都晕了。

B: 你是路痴,肯定得晕啊。

A: 幸好我开车上班,而且有GPS领路,那天我的GPS坏了,我就惨了。对了,Kat, 上次不是说到给你买车么,你有什么新的想法吗?

B: No, I don't. I still think the disadvantages of owning a car outweighs its advantages.

A: 你不想买,我倒是被说动了,想换车。

B: Really? What do you have in mind?

A: I want my car to be good-looking, fuel efficient, roomy and affordable. I haven't found the perfect combination yet.

B: I don't think you can have it all.

A: 我也这么觉得,最后还是要做出取舍。咱们接下来听听今天的“礼节美语”,看看Chris打算挑个什么车,也许能给我一些灵感呢!

Business Etiquette: buying a car II


Chris: What do you think about this one? Here....take a look.

Jason: I like it. It's quite stylish. But....it's also pretty small.

C: That's OK. We are only a family of three.

J: This model has a 1.3 liter engine. With a small engine, you'll save a lot of money on gas.

C: That's one of the reasons I'm considering this one. It gets good gas mileage and overall has good value.

J: When I was young, having a car was all about power, prestige and fashion. But today, everything is about economy, value and savings.

C: The world has changed.

Chris看中了一款车,征求Jason的意思。Jason说,车外观还是挺有形的,但就是有点小。Chris觉得,小点没关系,因为他们就三口人,a family of three, 小点也够用了。Jason说,这款车引擎是1.3公升的,省油,是优点。Chris承认,这也是他看中这款车的原因之一,It gets good gas mileage and overall has good value. 意思是说这辆车油耗低,总体上说很划算。Jason大发感慨,说自己年轻那会儿买车就是为了马力,时尚,如今大家考虑的却都是实用和省钱。

J: Have you considered getting a secondhand car?

C: My wife rejected that idea. She says that you never know if the car dealer is unscrupulous. The car could be water damaged or could have been involved in an accident.

J: She makes some good points. Anyway, having a new car is a great experience.

C: I'm also trying to decide if I should take the three or five-year payment option.

J: If I can make a suggestion: go with a three-year plan. The five-year might look easier, but in the end, the interest payments are not worth it.

Chris不准备买二手车,因为他太太担心碰上个缺德的二手车车行老板,把出过车祸的车买回家,上面所说的 unscrupulous is spelled u-n-s-c-r-u-p-u-l-o-u-s, unscrupulous, unscrupulous 意思是没有道德操守的。Jason觉得,she makes some good points. 她说的很有道理。在贷款方面,Chris不知道应该三年还清还是五年还清,Jason建议他做三年的贷款,因为五年贷款每个月付的钱看上去虽然少些,但其实把交的利息都算进去,就不值了。

C: I'll go home and do the math, but you're probably right.

J: How about the color?

C: Blue is my lucky color, so I'll pick blue if possible. My wife says we should consider black because it doesn't look dirty so quickly.

J: Cool! Well, let me know when you decide. I'd love to check out your new car!

C: Sure, Jason. Thanks for the input.

Chris说,我回家算算 I'll go home and do the math. Do the math 是口语里很常用的一种说法,意思是算算清楚,特别是指明摆着的事情,比如:We cannot afford that house with our salaries. You do the math. 咱们的工资买不起那栋房,你自己算算吧。在颜色选择上,Chris说,蓝色是自己的幸运色,而太太觉得黑色经脏。Jason最后说,I'd love to check out your new car! 买了新车别忘了给我看看。

B: I don't think Chris' case is of any help to you. He's a married man with a baby on the way, so his priority is quite different from yours.

A: 嗯,也对!不过有一点一样,那就是We both have to do the math! 都得算计算计自己的收入能负担什么价位的车!

B: So used cars are out of the question?




B: 啊?


American sports English: sailing

P: Let's go sailing, Yang Chen.

Y: Sailing,玩帆船,太棒了。

Aiya, 是要坐这条破船去吗? This boat looks like it's 100 years old!

P: No, it's not a 破船. You see, it only has a few small holes. And besides, I have you to help me bail it out.

Y: Bail it out? 你是说,因为这条船上有窟窿, a few small holes,所以要我一直不停地往外舀水。You are not serious.

P: I'm. Bail b-a-i-l out. Bailing out a boat is using a bucket to throw out the water that has leaked to keep the boat from sinking. But you can also say you bailed someone out any time you help them avoid disaster.

Y:没错。bail someone out 就是救某人于危难之中,比如美国有些银行要倒闭,政府就bailed them out.

P: That's right. Or, if your car broke down and you couldn't get to work and I gave you a ride, you could say I really bailed you out.

Y: You bailed me out? 我不记得了。哎,我们的船上还有一面旗子。

P: A boat's flag is called its colors. The flag gives other boats information about what kind of boat it is, like where it is from.

Y: Hmmm, 那我们应该挂一块破布。

P: Why our flag should be be a piece of trash, 为什么?

Y: 因为我们是条破船。

P: Very funny. Let me tell you something about flags. You know, sometimes pirate boats put up a fake flag to disguise themselves. Then when they attack, they put up a pirate flag, which is their true colors.

Y: Oh! 我知道了,所有有个说法叫"show your true colors"!让人看到你的真面目。

P: Exactly. When people pretend to be one way, but then reveal their true character, you can say they showed their true colors.

Y: Hey, Patrick, I have a good idea. 我们挂一面海盗旗怎么样?

P: Hmmm, a pirate flag, are you going to attack another ship?

Y: No. I just want to show my true colors.

B: Roe roe roe your boat....

A: 呵呵,我也会唱,让我们荡起双桨....

B: I've never heard of that song.

A: 这是很老的歌儿了,我妈小时候那个年代的。

B:Wow, but it sounds nice.


B: Sounds like a plan!

A: 好,it's a date! 今天的节目时间差不多了。这次的撰稿人是晓北,编辑是蔚然。同学们,我们下次的美语训练班再见!

B: Bye!