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A: 美语训练班上课啦! 我是杨琳!

B: 我是Kat! 杨琳,今天教什么呢?

A:今天咱们要去滑雪, 要为出席一个非常正式的宴会作准备,要去健身房减肥, 还要告诉大家怎么用美语说“衣着暴露”。

B: 这些听起来都很有用!

A: 那当然!不过节目一开始,咱们还是先来学个词儿!

Learn A Word #1370 at the expense of

今天我们要学的词是 at the expense of. At is spelled a-t; and expense, e-x-p-e-n-s-e, expense; at the expense of. At the expense of 意思是以某件事或者某个人为代价。沸沸扬扬的占领华尔街运动继续在美国各大城市上演。Protesters accused the richest 1 percent of accumulating their wealth at the expense of the remaining 99 percent. 示威者指责说,全美最富有的1%的人以其他99%的人为代价聚集财富。美国国防部将在未来10年内缩减开支,不过,Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the budget cuts won't come at the expense of U.S. power in the Pacific. 国防部长帕内塔表示,预算削减不会以降低美国在太平洋地区的实力为代价。好的,今天我们学习的词是 at the expense of, at the expense of, at the expense of.

A: 我也来造个句子,He took a job he loves at the expense of a bigger income. 他放弃了更高的收入,选择了一个自己喜欢的工作。这样说对不对?

B: That's correct. You can also say he chose what he loves over financial gains.

A: 不管怎么说,都是在做选择。人生就是不能两全其美,You can't have it all!

B: 对啊。我们今天在“流行美语”里也要谈到这个选择。

A: 对,是美食和身材的选择!咱们一起来听!

Popular American 386

各位听众,现在播送《流行美语》。 Larry和李华在他们最喜欢的pizza店吃饭,他们会用到两个常用语:love handles 和 no pain no gain.

Larry: Ahhh. That was delicious ━ as usual.

LH: Larry, 你还剩了一点pizza呢,怎么不吃完?

Larry: Oh, no, I couldn't eat another bite... well if you insist. (takes a bite, talks while still chewing:) Mm, Lihua, this is so good, I could eat this forever!

LH: 什么声音?!天啊,Larry, 你的皮带被撑断了!

Larry: Oops. Er, maybe we should stop coming to this restaurant so often. I think I'm starting to grow some love handles.

LH: Love ...handles? 什么意思?

Larry: Love handles are the fat that grows around someone's waist.

LH: 哦,腰上一圈赘肉叫love handles! 哈哈,这可真有意思!不过Larry, 你最近的确胖了好多呢。

Larry: Oh? You noticed my love handles?

LH: 你这几个月好像长胖了好几磅,不过我一直不好意思告诉你,如今既然你连皮带都撑断了,我也不瞒你了─you have some love handles, Larry!

Larry: You're right. I haven't been paying much attention to my diet lately.

LH: 我就说嘛! 咱们最近来这儿吃pizza, 每周至少来三次,你不长出love handles 才怪呢!

Larry: Well, you have to admit, the pizza here is out of this world. I don't mind your love handles, Lihua─I think they're kind of cute!

LH: 等等等等,你说我也有love handles 啊?

Larry: Uhh... no, of course not! I mean, uh, if you did have love handles, I would still think you are beautiful, honey!

LH: 哼!这还差不多。

Larry: At any rate, I think it would be a good idea to start watching what we eat and get more exercise. What do you think about joining a gym?

LH: 去健身房?让我考哗b一下!......嗯,考虑好了,我就自我牺牲一下,陪你去健身,帮你减掉你的love handles.

MC: Larry和Lihua 办了健身卡,俩人在跑步机上挥汗如雨地锻炼。

Larry: Phew! Running makes me feel good! So exhilarating! These love handles will be gone in no time! How are you feeling, Lihua?

LH: 我...我不行了...腿快断了...

Larry: Aw, come on, Lihua! We've only been jogging for 3 minutes! Don't you want to be fit?

LH: 我是想身材健美,可是这也太累了,算了算了,就让love handles来找我吧,我不练了!

Larry: You know what they say, Lihua. No pain, no gain.

LH: No pain, no gain?

Larry: That's right! It means you have to work hard to get results. No pain, no gain!

LH: 哦,No pain, no gain 就是“不付出努力就收不到成果”。Larry,现在不要给我讲大道理了,我实在跑不动了。

Larry: Come on, Lihua. I know you have a good work ethic.

LH: 我好学上进?

Larry: Remember when you stayed up all night on your project for that computer class? Some people would just go to sleep, but you worked right through. No pain, no gain, right?

LH: 那不一样,我可以通宵念书,可跑步不是我的强项,没跑两分钟,我的腿就已经开始发酸了!

Larry: But you'll feel better afterwards─I promise. You're already in pretty good shape anyway. I have a long way to go to get rid of these love handles.

LH: Larry, 连你都说,我本来身材就挺匀称的,所以我就不练啦!省得你们这些胖子压力大!

Larry: Suit yourself, Lihua. Hey, isn't that your classmate over there? Wow, she's really working hard!

LH: 哪个?!哦!那个女生!她在班里经常和我比!

Larry: Man, she's looking fit! No love handles on her.

LH: 什么?Larry,靠边,别挡着我用跑步机!

Larry: Oh?? You changed your mind about exercise?

LH: No pain, no gain, Larry.

Larry: Aha! Looks like all you needed was a little competition! No wonder you're always working so hard in school.

LH: 我绝不能让那个女生的身材比我好!

Larry: Great! Well! I guess I'll let you exercise.

LH: 哎?那你干吗?你不跑啦?

Larry: All this exercise made me hungry. I'm going to eat some pizza!

各位听众,今天李华从 Larry 那儿学到两个常用语,一个是 love handles, 表示腰上的赘肉;另一个是 no pain no gain, 意思是不付出就没有收获。这次《流行美语》播送完了,谢谢收听,下次节目再见。

A:No pain, no gain. 说起来容易,做起来难啊!真羡慕那些天生吃不胖的人!

B: Well, maybe they do want to gain some weight.


B:If she's concerned about that, She might want to choose a more conservative wedding gown.

A: 设计保守的婚纱?你是说不要太性感,太裸露的,对么?

B: 对啊,她可以走清纯可爱路线嘛。

A: 有道理!我提醒她一下。不过刚才说到裸露,今天在“美语怎么说”节目里,咱们就教这个词儿!

How to say it in American English: scantily clad

Jessica 在北京学中文,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是吴琼要问的:暴露。

WQ: Jessica, 明天我要去面试,得好好打扮打扮,你帮我参谋参谋?

Jessica:没问题!Show me what you've got.

WQ: 你看这件连衣裙,我穿上挺漂亮的,不过,似乎有点太露了。对了,这个衣着暴露在美语里要怎么说呢?

Jessica: You can say this address is showing too much skin.

WQ: Showing too much skin? 我明白了,就是露得太多。

Jessica: Exactly. You can also say someone is scantily clad. Scantily is spelt S-C-A-N-T-I-L-Y, 意思是少,不够;clad is spelt C-L-A-D, 意思是穿衣服。

WQ: 哦!那把两个词放在一起就是穿得不够,衣着暴露的意思喽!对了,Jessica, 如果说天冷的时候穿得太少太薄,是不是也可以用scantily clad 呢?

Jessica: Yes! For example, you can say girls who are scantily clad when they go out in the cold weather are at higher risk of getting sick.

WQ: 你是说,大冷天穿得特别少出门的女孩子更容易感冒。那当然!不过做女生就是这么辛苦,为了漂亮只能忍着。

Jessica: 其实也不用这么辛苦。I know girls want to be pretty, but we don't have to be dressed to kill everyday. Right?

WQ: Dressed to kill? 要杀人??

Jessica: No! "Dressed to kill" means wearing fancy or formal clothing. 比如说,I was dressed to kill for my interview.

WQ: 哦,我明白了! Dressed to kill 就是着装正式、抢眼。哎?你看这条西服裙行不行?It's not showing too much skin.

Jessica: I like this pencil skirt! It's perfect for the interview.

WQ: 原来西服裙叫pencil skirt─像铅笔一样直直的裙子!好吧, Let me put on this pencil skirt and this shirt. 看看效果如何!

Jessica: Hmm! WQ, now you're dressed to kill!


WQ: 第一,形容衣着暴露,可以用scantily clad, 或者 show too much skin;

第二,穿得正式、抢眼,是dressed to kill;

第三,西服裙是pencil skirt!

A: 正好,Kat,你看看我朋友婚礼我穿这件礼服去怎么样?Is it showing too much skin?

B:Let me see. Hmm, this is a really nice evening gown, and you're not scantily clad. The problem is it's too much for a wedding. It's like what a movie star would wear on the Oscar night.


B: 对啊。You should save it for a black-tie event.

A:Black-tie event? 你不是让我穿着这么漂亮的礼服再配上条黑领带吧?

B: Of course not! Listen to "Business Etiquette" and you'll know what I meant!

Business Etiquette: Attending a black-tie event I


Jim: Gary, did you hear about my upcoming trip to New York?

Gary: I think I did hear something about it. You and Henry are attending some kind of function, right?

J: Yeah. It's an anniversary celebration for one of the companies we do a lot of work with, you know, Walcon Electronics.

G: Right! Walcon is one of our biggest clients.

J: It's Walcon's 120th anniversary and they're throwing a big party.

Jim马上要出差,到纽约去。Gary说,他听说了Jim的 upcoming trip. upcoming is spelled u-p-c-o-m-i-n-g, upcoming, upcoming是即将发生的意思,Gary还知道,他们这次是要去参加什么活动,function 在这里指正式的社交活动。公司最大的客户之一 Walcon Electronics 庆祝成立120周年,they're throwing a big party. 他们要办个大派对。英语里说办派对,经常会用动词 throw, t-h-r-o-w, throw.

G: Walcon Electronics is 120 years old?

J: Yep. They started out as a shoe manufacturer and then branched off into electronics in the late 1960s.

G: That's a big change, moving from shoes to electronics. But you have to give the company's founder credit for thinking ahead.

J: Absolutely. Today they're one of the world's top home electronics brands.

G: Well, you'll have fun. New York is always a great place to visit.

J: Yeah, but I'm a bit worried. I've never attended a function like this before. Look, here's the invitation.

Walcon电器公司最开始是生产鞋的,60年代才改行生产电器。这里用到的两个动词词组,一个是 start out 意思是起步,另外一个是 branch off 意思是改变前进的方向。Gary 说,You have to give the company's founder credit for thinking ahead. 咱们不得不佩服这个公司创始人有远见,to give someone credit for something 意思是肯定某人的做法。纽约是个好玩的地方,可Jim却很担心,他拿请柬给Gary看。

G: Oh my! It's a black-tie event. That means you have to wear a tuxedo.

J: A tuxedo? I don't own a tux!

G: Not very many people do....you can rent one, though.

J: Oh wow. That means it's going to be a very formal event, huh?

G: A black-tie event is about as formal as it gets. Men wear tuxedos and ladies wear evening gowns.

J: What else should I expect?

G: There will probably be a band playing soft music. Waiters will walk around serving drinks. Most of the guests will mainly stand around socializing with each other.

原来,这次活动是 a black-tie event 参加者要穿礼服、打黑领结的正式活动,男宾要穿燕尾服,tuxedo, tuxedo is spelled t-u-x-e-d-o, tuxedo, 女宾要穿 evening gown 晚礼服。Gary说,A black-tie event is about as formal as it gets. 这基本上要算是最正规的活动了。as....as it gets 是指最彻底的表现,两个as之间加形容词。Jim会喜欢这种活动吗?我们下次继续听。

: 哦, Black-tie event 就是非常正式的场合。我朋友要是嫁给了什么欧洲王子,那我穿这个华丽的夜礼服去参加她的王室婚礼,就很合适了,对不对?

B: That's right. So save it till one of your friends marries a prince.

A:啊?这得等到什么时候啊! 其实女孩子只要找对了人,都可以像公主一样幸福。

B: Yes. Every girl can have her own prince charming.

A: 不过,你还记得“美语三级跳”节目里那个男朋友么?

B: How can I forget him? He's such a lousy boyfriend!

A: 是啊,他还有更过分的呢,听听吧。

GoEnglish: Shopping (Intermediate)


Professor: Today Kevin is going shopping at a clothing store to buy his girlfriend a present for her birthday. What do you think he's going to get her, Winnie?

MC: 他花了1000块钱给自己买了套时髦西装,我估计,他现在肯定没钱了,给女朋友买的八成儿是便宜货! 不信一起听。

Salesperson: Good afternoon sir! Can I help you find something?

Kevin: Sure, I'm looking for something special for my girlfriend. Could you help me find something she'll like?

Salesperson: Sure, do you know what size she is?

Kevin: Uh ... I'm not really sure. She's about your size, maybe a little more petite. I haven't really noticed.

Salesperson: You don't know your girlfriend's size? Uh ... OK.

MC: Kevin这家伙!给女友买衣服,连人家穿多大尺寸都不知道!这种男友,再帅我也不要。

Professor: Really??? I hope you're kidding. Do you know what the word "petite" means?

MC: "Petite"就是指女性身材娇小。服装店的店员问Kevin女友的身材,Kevin说,可能比这位店员的身材更娇小一些。

Professor: Exactly. In this next section listen for the word "trendy," which means really cool and popular.

Salesperson: Alright ... well what does your girlfriend normally wear? What is her style like?

Kevin: Well she works in an office so she always dresses really professionally. But for her birthday I want to get her something really fun and trendy.

Salesperson: Well let's see ... we have some really nice skirts I can show you. What colors do you like on her.

Kevin: Hmm ... You know, I've never really noticed. But I know that I look fantastic in blue, so let's get her something blue!

Professor: So Winnie, what kind of outfit does Kevin want to buy for his girlfriend?

MC: 他说,女友平时在办公室都穿职业装,所以想给她换个风格,来件活泼、时髦的衣服。

Professor: Right. And what colors does Kevin think his girlfriend looks good in?

MC: 说起来真是让人来气! 他从来就没注意过女友适合穿什么颜色的衣服,就因为自己穿蓝色好看,就要给女友也买蓝色的衣服。我看Kevin爱自己胜过爱女朋友!

Salesperson: Well do you want something inexpensive, or is money no object?

Kevin: I want to get her something reasonably priced, but nice.

Salesperson: Hmm ... so how about $100 dollars? Maybe $200?

Kevin: $200? Come on, it's not like we're married.

Salesperson: Is $100 out of your price range?

Kevin: I don't want to go overboard. I think my budget is closer to $20.

MC: 啊? 他的“budget”--预算,只有20块!我看这些钱只够给人买双袜子的! Kevin真是“浪漫”得让人想揍他一顿!

Professor: Why, Winnie? Women don't think socks are a romantic present? Hmm ... So, that's why my wife was so mad at her birthday last year! But Winnie, can you guess what "money is no object" means?

MC: 我想,"money is no object"就是说 “钱不是问题,多少钱都无所谓”的意思。

Professor: That's right. For example, I usually only buy cheap things. But when I look for something important like a good doctor, money is no object.

Salesperson: Umm ... I don't think we have any outfits for 20 dollars here. This is a nice clothing store.

Kevin: Oh ... well, can you recommend a store near here where I could find some really good bargains?

Salesperson: There is a store down the street called Bargain Basement. You could probably find some really cheap clothes there.

Kevin: Wow, that sounds perfect for my budget. I'll go try to find her a present there. Thanks!

MC: Professor Bowman,"go overboard" 意思是“过份”么?

Professor: Exactly.

MC: 这么说,Kevin连100块都不舍得花?要我说,等他女友把他甩掉时,他可别怪人家 go overboard!

Professor: I agree. Tune in next time to see what happens!

A: 有句话叫礼轻情意重,可见花多少钱并不代表礼物好不好,不过,这个Kevin 给自己花1000块买衣服,给女朋友就用20块打发,这也太敷衍了。

B: Exactly. And he doesn't know what color his girlfriend likes. I don't see this relationship going anywhere.




American sports English: Skii

P: Thanks for going skiing with me today, Yang Chen. The Winter Olympics have really made me want to get out in the snow.

Y: Of course, Patrick! 我也喜欢滑雪。而且啊,seeing you crash and burn sounds like a lot of fun.

P: Thanks. But before we go, I should tell you some safety rules. Skiing can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.

Y: 我知道,要注意安全。Safety first.

P: Right. For example, an avalanche could kill you.

Y: An avalanche? 你是说雪崩?

P: Exactly. Actually, you can use the word "avalanche" any time there is a lot of something. For example, the politician received an avalanche of criticism when it was revealed he had taken bribes.

Y: Oh, an avalanche of criticism, 就是说批评的声浪很高。可是 Patrick, 这里只是一个小山坡,a bunny slope. 不可能发生雪崩。 而且We are twice as old as all the kids here.

P: Alright, maybe not. But you can fall and get hurt too if you don't know what you're doing. Whoa! Did you see that little kid crash? That was a total yard sale!

Y: Patrick! That's so mean.

P: But you said its funny to watch people crash.

Y: Not everyone. Just you! 不过你刚才为什么说 it was a total yard sale?

P: A yard sale is when you put stuff you don't want in the yard in front of your house, and people who walk by can stop and buy it from you.

Y: Oh, like a 自家门口的 旧货摊儿。这和滑雪有什么关系啊!

P: Well if you have a bad crash, and all your equipment gets spread out in the snow, it looks like you're having a yard sale.

Y: Aha, I get it. 因为摔得很惨, 滑雪的家伙摊了一地,好像卖旧货一样。Very funny.

P: As funny as watching me crash, Yang Chen?

Y: Mmm, I don't know. But there's only one way to find out. Let's go!

A: I remember the first time I went skiing. I crashed so hard and had a big yard sale!

B: Been there, done that!


B:But it surely hurt physically!


B: But you'll miss the thrill of the real thing!


B: Bye!