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A: 美语训练班的时间到啦! 我是杨琳!

B: 我是 Kat! 今天我们学点什么呢,杨琳?


B: But first we have "Learn a Word". Right?

A: 没错! 先来学个词儿!

Learn A Word out of date

今天我们要学的词是out of date. Out is spelled o-u-t, out; and date, d-a-t-e, date; out of date. Out of date 意思是过时的。His contact information is out of date. 他的联络方式已经变了。Technology companies say the 25-year-old federal Internet privacy law is out of date. 高科技公司说,有关互联网隐私的联邦法律是25年制订的,已经过时了。The British government warned that computer lessons offered in schools are out of date. 英国政府警告说,目前学校里教授的电脑课程已经过时了。With all the smart phones on the market, conventional cell phones seem to be out of date. 跟智能手机相比,普通手机好象有些过时了。好的,今天我们学习的词是out of date, out of date, out of date.

A: 现在社会日新月异,要想不out of date, 真的不容易! 有时候你会突然感觉,Oh my Gosh, my hairstyle is out of date. My phone is out of date. Even what I learned at school is out of date! 唉! 不是我不明白,这世界变化快啊!

B: Don't worry, Yanglin, there are things in life that can stand the test of time. If your style is classy, you'll never go out of date.

A: 也对。而且你发现了么,Kat, 潮流总是来回打转。拿衣服来说,现在流行的蝙蝠袖,铅笔裤,好像就是我妈年轻时的潮流哦!

B: Exactly! So you can be really fashionable in your Mom's leggings. Who would have thought of that!


B:Good idea!


B: Let's listen to Words and Idioms.

Words and Idioms

现在播送<美国习惯用语>第 950讲。我是杨琳。

M:我是 Douglas Johnson.

就在一个小时之前,我们办公室这里经历了一场惊心动魄!同事都在伏案工作的时候,火警铃忽然响了, 大家争相下楼,议论纷纷。后来证实,其实是厨房微波炉里热的东西着火了,弄响了火警。于是大家也纷纷回到办公桌前,重新拿起手中的工作。这件小事让我想到一个习惯用语,那就是:

M: Business as usual. Business is spelled b-u-s-i-n-e-s-s, and usual, u-s-u-a-l. Business as usual.

大家都知道,business是营业的意思,usual 呢,是正常的。那么business as usual, 用来形容事情经过了异常之后恢复正常状态,可以翻译成“一切照旧,虚惊一场”。上面的例子中, People resumed work after a small fire incident, it was business as usual. 大家在着火小插曲之后继续工作,办公室恢复正常。下面的例子讲了一对父母每天早晨的大挑战,我们来听听看:

M: "Imagine preparing breakfast for six kids. Then getting them washed and dressed, packing their lunches and getting them off to school. That might seem like a huge challenge. But for my wife and me, it's BUSINESS AS USUAL. It's part of our everyday routine."


我有一个女儿已经够呛了!想像一下,要照料六个孩子,真是不容易!不过,这与经历过大灾难的人相比只是小事一桩。想想日本今年三月的大地震,不知道要经过多久这个国家才能恢复原状。It will not be BUSINESS AS USUAL any time soon for the Japanese people. 日本人民的生活近期内恐怕很难恢复常态。好了,我们再来听听刚才那段话:

M: "Imagine preparing breakfast for six kids. Then getting them washed and dressed, packing their lunches and getting them off to school. That might seem like a huge challenge. But for my wife and me, it's BUSINESS AS USUAL. It's part of our everyday routine."

我们居住的小镇是个安静的地方,平常非常惬意。不过有一次,一个名导演看中了我们小镇,准备来这里拍摄,这一下发生了什么事情呢? 我们来听听看:

M: "Normally, my tiny town is a quiet place. But when a movie director chose it as the site for his upcoming picture, it became incredibly busy. Film stars and production crews flooded Main Street. The local restaurants served overflow crowds, shops saw increased sales, and news reporters came from all around seeking interviews. For three weeks, it was anything but BUSINESS AS USUAL. "


女: 被导演看中也许是好事,这样一来可以大大提高小镇的知名度,商店餐馆也能更好的营业额。可是对我们这些居民来说,我们想要的只是business as usual, 以往的安静生活。看来任何事都有两面性。好了,我们再来听听刚才那段话:

M: "Normally, my tiny town is a quiet place. But when a movie director chose it as the site for his upcoming picture, it became incredibly busy. Film stars and production crews flooded Main Street. The local restaurants served overflow crowds, shops saw increased sales, and news reporters came from all around seeking interviews. For three weeks, like here was anything but BUSINESS AS USUAL. "

今天我们学习的习惯用语是BUSINESS AS USUAL,意思是“一切照常,虚惊一场”。

A:Kat, 你注意到没有,每回在新年伊始,我们都要做新年计划,不过最后,多半都是business as usual, 生活还是会变回老样子。

B: Iknow! Most new year resolutions will never be realized, and that's pretty frustrating! You know how I deal with it? I make realistic, easy-to-do resolutions.

A: For example?

B: Hmm, instead of making a resolution such as "going to the gym everyday", I have "using the stairs twice a week".

A: 你是说,你给自己设定的新年目标是每周有两天要走楼梯,而不搭电梯?

B:对! It's much more realistic than going to the gym daily. Don't you think so?

A: 猛一听是挺实际的。不过,这要看你家住几楼! 如果你住在15层,每周两次爬楼可不太现实!

B:I never thought about that!

A: 哈哈! 好了,咱们继续听节目,今天咱们要在“美语怎么说”里要教大家说“抢手货”!

How to Say It in American English

JESSICA 在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是怡茹要问的:抢手货。

JESSICA: Hey 怡茹,how's it going?

YR: Oh, hey JESSICA..我...我好困阿...困死我了...

JESSICA: You really look tired. Didn't you sleep well last night?

YR: Sleep well? 我压根就没睡!!! 我男朋友昨天拉着我陪他去买iPhone 4S, 可现在这最新的iPhone特抢手! 对了,JESSICA,这种大家都想要的抢手货用美语怎么说啊?

JESSICA: You can say it sells like hotcakes. Hotcakes is spelled h-o-t-c-a-k-e-s, hotcakes. If you say something sells like hotcakes, it means it is sold quickly and in large numbers.

YR: 没错! The new iPhone 4S sold like hotcakes! 新的iPhone 4S 绝对是抢手货!

JESSICA: There's actually another way of saying it, you can say: the new iPhone 4S is flying off the shelf! Shelf is spelled s-h-e-l-f, shelf, 是货架的意思。Fly off the shelf, 就是说一件东西卖得特别好。

YR: 店员还特别告诉我们,当天晚上他们会进新货,建议我们半夜就去排队,这样就能保证一大早开门的时候买到最新的iPhone了...所以我们大半夜就搬着小椅子守在苹果店门口....

JESSICA: You camped out last night!

YR: Camp out?

JESSICA: Camp, c-a-m-p, 是露营的意思,camp out means that you stay outdoors all night in front of the store! 也可以说是露营!

YR: 哈哈,没错! 我们就好像去露营一样,在苹果店门口呆了整整一夜! 这种事只有我男朋友这种科技发烧友才干得出来!

JESSICA: 看来你男朋友还真是个tech-head! Tech是technology的简称,tech-head 脑袋里全是tech,就是科技发烧友!

YR: Totally! My boyfriend is such a tech-head!

JESSICA: 好,言归正传,说说你今天都学到了什么!

YR: 第一:形容一件东西抢手说something sells like hotcakes, 或者 something is flying off the shelf.

第二:为买东西通宵露营,叫camp out;


A: Every Thanksgiving, there are people camping out in the cold night.

B: Yes. Some people are doing that to snatch up hot deals, but others just want to be part of the Thanksgiving shopping frenzy.

A:没错,感恩节夜里在商店外露营排队大概也是美国文化的一景吧! 而且现在有Cyber Monday, 网上也有好多减价超值的东西,不用排队啦!

B: 很对! But now let's go back to the old-fashioned way of shopping--going to a store and asking for help from an assistant.

A: 那,是要买什么呢?

B:I don't wanna buy anything. I just want to rent a car!

GoEnglish: Driving (Beginner)



Professor: Winnie, have you ever gone to Las Vegas?

去过一次。Professor Bowman, 如果我是租车公司老板,一定不愿意把车租给去赌城的人,因为他们可能会连车一起输掉!

Phil: Hello, I'd like to rent a car please.

Employee: OK, how long do you need it for?

Phil: I just need it for the weekend.

Employee: Alright, how far will you drive the car?

Phil: Umm ... I'm not sure. How far away is Las Vegas?


Professor: Winnie, sometimes if you drive a long distance, it will cost you more money to rent the car.


Professor:Well, Phil doesn't know how far he has to drive, so he asks the attendant how far away Las Vegas is.

Employee: Las Vegas is about 260 miles from here. Is that where you're going?

Phil: Yes, so I need a nice car so that I look really cool.

Employee: I see .... well would you like a car with a sunroof?

Phil: A sunroof? That's not cool enough. I need a convertible.

Professor: So Winnie, what kind of car does Phil want to drive to Las Vegas.


Professor: Yes, and what kind of car does the rental company employee say he might like?

店员建议Phil租一辆有sunroof--天窗的车,可他觉得这还不够酷,他要一辆convertible--敞篷车! 真希望他能把我也带上!

Employee: Yes, we have a nice red convertible for an extra 40 dollars per day.

Phil: Alright, are there any other taxes or fees?

Employee: Not if you remember to fill the car with gas before you return it.

Phil: Hmm ... well, this sounds like a pretty good deal.

看来扮酷也是有代价的! 敞篷车每天的租金比普通车高出40美元...不过,想到开着敞篷车,在风中驰骋的感觉,这笔钱,咬咬牙,值了!

Professor: Maybe ... but then you wouldn't look very cool if your hair is all messed up by the wind and all the bugs splattered on your face.

MC: Professor Bowman,你怎么总要破坏气氛!

Professor: Okay, Winnie. So, what does Phil have to do before he returns the car?

店员说,他在还车前要把油加满。除此之外,就没有其它的taxes or fees--税和费用了。Phil觉得这是个good deal,很值,看来他就打算租这辆敞篷车了!

Professor: Well, not so fast. Let's see what happens.

Phil: Actually, I have one more question. Is the car a manual or an automatic?

Employee: It's a manual. Is that alright?

Phil: No, I can only drive an automatic.

Employee: Well I'm sorry, but all of our convertibles are manuals.

Professor: Well Winnie, do you know what the difference between a manual and an automatic car is?

当然知道,manual transmission 就是手动换档,人工换档,相反的,an automatic transmission 是自动换档的车。可惜,这里所有的敞篷车都是manual的,而Phil只会开automatic。

Phil: Oh no ... all your convertibles are manuals? Well, do you have any other cool cars?

Employee: Not really. Our cars are economical, not cool.

Phil: Well too bad ... Maybe my friend Tom will let me borrow his convertible.

Employee: I'm sorry we couldn't help you.

Professor: Winnie, do you know what an economical car is?

MC: Economical, e-c-o-n-o-m-i-c-a-l 是“经济实惠”的意思,所以economical car就是经济型轿车喽!

Professor: That's right! So Phil wants to borrow his friend Tom's convertible. That will be very "economical" for him, and he will look cool.

MC: 嗯,这的确是个省钱又扮酷的好主意!就是不知道Tom愿不愿意把自己的敞篷车借给Phil。

Professor: Well, we will have to listen next time to find out!

A:Driving a convertible in Las Vegas! That's really cool!

B: But Tom couldn't get the convertible because he can't drive manual cars.

A: 所以他打算去向朋友借车。其实上网查一下,肯定有别的租车公司能满足他的要求。

B:Wow, Yanglin, it seems like you're a savvy online shopper!

A: Of course! 好了,咱们来继续听节目,上次在礼节美语中我们说到了office gossip, 今天,咱们来看看这闲话传得怎么样了。

B: I sure hope they've stopped gossiping!

礼节美语---BE-222 Office Gossip II

Sally 跟同事Lisa和Mary议论办公室里关于Tom的传闻,说Tom 大搞婚外情,被老婆发现。Mary觉得,在办公室里议论这些不好,而且并不知道消息是否属实。Mary 问Lisa小时候玩没玩过一个叫“打电话的游戏”,玩的人坐成一圈,把一句话从第一个人用耳语的方式一直传下去,看传到最后一个人会是什么样子。Lisa 说,

L: Oh, yes! I've played that game! By the time you come to the end of the circle the original sentence has been completely mangled.

M: Right! "John hates chocolate cookies" gets transformed into something like, "James likes monkey pudding."

S: Ok, I get your point. What you mean is that when information gets passed around, often times it becomes corrupted and incorrect, right?

M: Exactly. Also, I think there is a difference between office gossip and commenting on someone's private life.

Lisa 记得,小时候确实玩过这个游戏。一圈人,等传到最后一个人,最开始那句话,已经彻底走样了。她在这里用到的一个动词mangle is spelled m-a-n-g-l-e, mangle, 意思是被肢解,破坏得不像样子。换句话说,一件事一传十,十传百,是很难保证准确无误的。Mary 还说,她觉得,大家议论办公室里发生的事情,跟讨论别人的私生活也是有差别的。

Mary: If the boss was hard on you today and you tell your colleagues about it, well....maybe that's just part of office life. But Tom's private life is no concern of ours.

L: But people have been gossiping since the dawn of time! It's sort of a way for people to bond.

M: Yes, I understand that. But I worry about spreading personal attacks or revealing secrets about someone's private life.

L: You might be right. For one thing, the person we're talking about isn't here to defend himself, and that's not really fair. And like you mentioned, we don't even know if the story is true.

Mary说,如果是老板对你过于严厉,if the boss was too hard on you. 你回来跟同事抱怨,这可能是办公室生活很正常的内容,但 Tom 的私生活 is no concern of ours. 完全不是我们应该关心的范畴。Lisa觉得很有道理,而且,被议论的对象现在不在现场,所以无法为自己做出辩解,而且大家也并不知道传闻是否属实。Sally 说,

S: Those are good points. Tom is actually a really nice guy. I've worked with him for five years and he's always been a good friend.

L: For us, if Tom is a good co-worker that's all that really matters.

S: All right....I'm not going to discuss this rumor any further. Let's leave it alone.

L: Good idea.

M: I think we all hope Tom and his wife can work out any troubles they might be having. Let's wish them the best.

Sally跟Tom共事过五年,觉得Tom是个很好的人。Lisa说,对我们来说,Tom只要是个好同事就足够了,其他都不重要。Sally保证,不再去议论Tom的事,Let's leave it alone. 不要再去管这些流言蜚语。Mary 补充说,希望Tom夫妇两人能 work out any troubles they might be having. 妥善解决两人之间的问题。

A:有句话说:谣言止于智者。看来Mary就是这个办公室里的智者。She knows gossiping can be counterproductive and it has crossed the line between office life and private life.

B:Well, but do you think she could really stop people from talking about this alleged affair once and for all?

A:嗯,可能也不行。大家表面虽然说,对对对,不议论了,可以后说不定还是会八卦起来。最好是Tom夫妻俩能用实际行动粉碎这些传闻。Actions speak louder than words! 对不对?

B: I hope so too! 好了,now let's relax and listen to American Sports English!

A: 好!今天我们要学游泳呢!

American Sports English: Swimming

Y: 大家好。我是杨晨。

P: 我是Patrick。

Y:Patrick, Are you ready for the pool?

P: Oh yeah, I've got my bathing suit, my goggles....

Y: 这个帽子好可笑,是干什么用的?

P: This is my swim cap. It keeps the chlorine out of my hair and it lets me swim faster. Say, Are you going to do some laps?

Y: Laps?

P: You know, swimming in the lane back and forth a few times for exercise.

Y: Oh, doing laps 就是在游泳池里一趟一趟地来回游。 怪不得上次我买游泳衣,那个店员问我Are you just doing laps? 不过,Swimming laps sounds like too much work. 我还是晒太阳好了。

P: It is a good workout. Which style are you best at?

Y: 我喜欢backstroke仰泳。

P: Backstroke isn't bad, you should check out my butterfly stroke

Y: That's a butterfly? 我看你不像蝴蝶,倒是像个蚂蚱。

P: I don't look like a grasshopper. Are you going to get in or just stand there criticizing?

Y: Ok, Ok, I'm coming in, 不过我要跳水。

P: Dive in? Remember not to dive in the shallow end!

Y: Why not?

P: That's the part that is not deep enough to dive in. You don't want to hit your head!

Y: Oh, OK, Thank you Patrick. Here I go!

A: 我可不喜欢带游泳帽,太难看了,无法展示我的一头秀发!

B: But if you swim without wearing the cap, the chlorine will do damage on your hair.

A: 少游会儿呗! 多在岸上趟会儿,看看帅哥!

B: Is that the main reason why you go to the swimming pool or the beach?

A: Bingo!

B: Then you definitely don't need a swimming cap. You should use the money to buy a good bikini!

A: That's exactly what I did! 哈哈! 好了,节目时间差不多了,这次的撰稿人是晓北,编辑是蔚然。同学们,我们下次的美语训练班再见!

B: Bye!