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A: 欢迎大家来到这期的美语训练班! 我是杨琳!

B: 我是Kat! 杨琳,快说说咱们今天都要学什么?

A: 好! 今天,咱们要去吃个快餐,继续看看Harry倒霉的一天,学学怎么表达隐瞒证据,还要告诉大家怎么用美语说"花美男"和"一夜成名"!

B: 一夜成名? 我年轻的时候也这么想过...

A: 哈哈,stop daydreaming there.... 咱们先赶快来进入第一个单元,Learn a Word!

Learn A Word undermine

今天我们要学的词是undermine. Undermine is spelled u-n-d-e-r-m-i-n-e; undermine. Undermine 是“削弱,损害”的意思。The U.S. State Department says deep cuts to its budget proposed by Congress will undermine America's security and global leadership. 美国国务院表示,国会提出的大幅削减国务院预算的计划会伤害美国的安全,并削弱美国的全球领导地位。Afghanistan's president has warned that civilian casualties caused by NATO air strikes could undermine the recently-signed cooperation agreement with the US. 阿富汗总统警告说,北约空袭造成的人员伤亡可能会动摇最近跟美国签署的合作协议。好的, 今天我们学习的词是undermine, undermine, undermine.

A: I've had this problem on my mind lately- One of my best friends is dating this guy, but I feel like I have a responsibility to undermine their relationship....我不能让他们就这么发展下去。

B: Wait what? Why would you do that?

A: 其实那个男的也是我的朋友,可他是个花花公子! He's a womanizer! I don't want my friend to get hurt.

B: Oh I see. Yeah, you might want to tell her about that, but you'll be sure to cover your tracks when you warn her about that guy, right?

A: 是啊! 咱们先想想办法,不过你提到了一个很有用的词儿: cover one's track, 咱们一起来听听这个短语的用法!

Words and Idioms

现在播送<美国习惯用语>第 966讲。我是杨琳。

M:我是 Steve Baragona.


M: Cover one's tracks. Cover is spelled c-o-v-e-r; and tracks; t-r-a-c-k-s. Cover-one's-tracks. Cover one's tracks.

Cover 意思是隐瞒,掩饰,tracks 轨迹。连起来,to cover one's tracks, 意思就是掩盖行踪,隐瞒证据。上面的例子中,The accountant was able to COVER HIS TRACKS for a long time before his scheme was finally discovered. 这位会计长期隐瞒证据,直到他的阴谋被发现。下面的例子里,一名罪犯越狱之后是如何掩饰自己行踪的呢? 我们赶快来听听看:

M: "The prisoner escaped weeks ago. The police had a hard time finding her because she COVERED HER TRACKS. She was careful not to use her real name and she kept traveling from one state to another. When her photo appeared on TV, a viewer reported seeing her. And she was finally captured."


现在高智商犯罪真是越来越普遍! 很多犯罪分子不但聪明,还会利用高科技手段来掩盖自己的所作所为。我还记得前几年大热的美剧: Prison Break 越狱,里面的男主角Michael就是这样,He was able to cover his tracks with a complicated underground maze. 他挖了一条复杂的地下迷宫来掩饰行踪。好的,言归正传,我们再来听听刚才那段话:

M: "The prisoner escaped weeks ago. The police had a hard time finding her because she COVERED HER TRACKS. She was careful not to use her real name and she kept traveling from one state to another. When her photo appeared on TV, a viewer reported seeing her. And she was finally captured."


M: "Mom and dad have no idea that we're organizing a party to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. So far we've been pretty good at COVERING OUR TRACKS. If we let them think that we and the other guests have other plans that weekend, they won't find out what's really happening. Then it'll be a big surprise!"


所以说,cover one's tracks 也不一定都是干坏事。我同事有一次也给了我这样一个惊喜。他们计划了一次特别的午餐会庆祝我晋升,但是却骗我说这是一次编辑会。They carefully covered their tracks so I didn't find out about the surprise lunch party! 他们小心掩饰,所以我一点也没发现,原来那是一次惊喜午餐会! 好的,让我们再来听听刚才那段话:

M: "Mom and dad have no idea that we're organizing a party to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. So far we've been pretty good at COVERING OUR TRACKS. If we let them think that we and the other guests have other plans that weekend, they won't find out what's really happening. Then it'll be a big surprise!"

今天我们学习的习惯用语是 cover one's tracks,意思是“掩盖行踪,隐瞒证据”。好的,这次[美国习惯用语]就到此结束,我是杨琳,我是 Doug Johnson。谢谢各位的收听。

B: Ooh! Ooh! I have an idea, 杨琳! You can try to get your friend to see that guy's true colors by showing her all the pictures of him with other girls on 人人!

A: 嗯,也行, 这样我就什么都不用说,让她看事实就行了! 我觉得她就是喜欢他的外表,this guy takes GREAT care of himself! I bet he spends more money on his hair than I do! 就是咱们老说的花美男!

B: Oooh- he's one of those, eh? I know that kind- sometimes I think they're prettier than me!! 在今天的美语怎么说里,咱们就来看看花美男这个词怎么说!

How to say it in American English

JESSICA 在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是杨林要问的:花美男。

YL: JESSICA,你发现没有,现在有一种男人,皮肤比女人还好,比女人还爱打扮,穿得特时髦,都跟从偶像剧里走出来似的。我们叫他们“花美男”,flower-pretty-man! 呵呵,我瞎翻的,美语中不会也有类似的称呼吧?

JESSICA: Actually, there IS an English equivalence. It's "metrosexual" m-e-t-r-o-s-e-x-u-a-l, metrosexual.

YL: metro-- "大城市",加上 sexual-- "性别的"。那 metrosexual 跟中文里说的“花美男”指的是一种人吗?

Jessica: Well, Metrosexual men live in big cities, know all the trendy places in town and pay great attention to their appearances.

YL: 没错! 花美男就是住在大城市里的时尚达人,特别注重外表和打扮!要这么说,花美男就是 metrosexual man!

JESSICA: I guess being a metrosexual man means you're doing your homework on the latest trends. You need to be up-to-date on the hottest fashion!

YL: up-to-date on the hottest fashion? fashion是时尚的意思,up-to- date 是跟上潮流,所以,up-to-date on the hottest fashion 就是“紧跟最新时尚”吧?

JESSICA: That's right! But Yanglin, I would say the real fashionable people are not those who follow the trends, but the trend setters!

YL: trend setters? t-r-e-n-d, trend 是趋势的意思,setter, s-e-t-t-e-r 是设定者,所以 trend setter 就是开创时尚的真正潮人!

JESSICA: 没错! Now let's see what you've learned today!

YL: 第一,注重打扮的“花美男”是 metrosexual men;

第二,紧跟流行时尚是 be up-to-date on the hottest fashion;

第三,领导时尚的潮人叫 trend setter!

B: You might joke, but you know what? I like metro guys! They are always clean and don't let themselves get smelly like other guys!

A: 但是我觉得男的太娘了也不好吧! 像我有个朋友,大男人天天要保持身材,从来不吃快餐,每天沙拉水果....

B: It's good to be healthy, but everyone needs to indulge themselves once in a blue moon!

A: 对啊! 有时候我就特别想吃不健康的! 薯条,汉堡,奶昔! 好吃又肥胖,哈!

B: 好啦好啦杨琳,等会咱们就可以一起去吃个冰激淋! Even better, in America, we have an extremely convenient way of buying fast food- the drive through! Let's listen to today's Go English and learn more!

GoEnglish: Food (Beginner)


Doug and Liz 正开车去超市买菜,可Doug忽然觉得饿了,想顺道先去快餐店买个汉堡吃。

Professor: Winnie, do you ever get hungry when you go shopping?


Doug: Hey Liz, I'm really hungry. Let's stop and eat something.

Liz: Alright, where do you want to eat?

Doug: There is a McDonalds nearby.

Liz: Fast food is so unhealthy. But if you are really hungry, we can go through the drive-through.

Doug: No, let's go inside. I don't want to spill my drink in the car.

Professor: So Winnie, did you hear where Doug wants to eat?


Professor: Exactly! Why doesn't Doug want to use the drive-through?


Professor: That's true. I guess there are two ways eating fast food can kill you.

MC: 说得对! 吃太多快餐垃圾食品会把身体搞垮,如果边开车边吃还可能让你出车祸!

Cashier: Welcome to McDonalds! May I take your order?

Doug: Yes, I'd like two hamburgers, a large Coke and a large fries.

Cashier: Do you want anything, mam?

Liz: No thanks, I'm on a diet.

Cashier: For here or to go?

Doug: For here.

Cashier: Alright, that will be 11 dollars and 50 cents.

Liz 说,she is on a diet, 正在节食,所以不吃这些高热量的快餐。Doug 真应该向 Liz 学学。

Professor: Yes, fast food has a lot of fat in it. But Winnie, does Doug want the food "for here" or "to go"?

MC: Doug 说for here, 也就是在餐厅里吃。如果说 "to go",就是打包带走的意思。

Professor: Yes. When you take food home from a restaurant, you can also say the food is for "take out." Now Doug and Liz are eating their food. Let's listen.

Doug: Do you want to eat my tomato? I don't like them. The only topping I like is ketchup.

Liz: Sure, I love tomatoes. They're a healthy food.

Doug: That's true. Are you sure you don't want anything?

Liz: Well I know the French fries are very unhealthy, but they look so good.

Doug: Come on Liz, try one. It won't kill you.

Liz: Well alright, I'll have just one.

Doug: Great! I'm going to get a refill of soda.

看来, Liz 的决心动摇了。虽然她一直在说快餐多没营养,可是一看到Doug的薯条,也忍不住要吃上一根。

Professor: That's right. And did you hear what topping Doug likes, and which one he doesn't like?

MC: Doug 说, 在汉堡的所有佐料中,他只喜欢ketchup--番茄酱, 还说他不爱吃番茄。真奇怪,番茄酱不就是番茄做的嘛?

Professor: That's right. What does Doug say he is going to do at the end?

他说他要去refill他的饮料. Professor, refill, r-e-f-i-l-l, refill 就是续杯的意思吧?

Professor: Correct. When you go to a restaurant, you can ask the waiter, "Do you have free refills?"


Professor: Now let's see what Doug says when he returns to the table.

Doug: Liz, where are all my fries? Did you eat them all?

Liz: I'm sorry, Doug. They were just so good! Once I started eating them, I couldn't stop.

Doug: Don't worry Liz. If I'm going to get really fat, you should get really fat too! We will look really cute together.

Liz: Wow, that is a really scary thought. I need to exercise right now!

啊? Liz 趁Doug不在,居然把他的薯条都吃了!不过,她显然不想和Doug一起变成胖子,所以说要马上去健身。不过首先,希望他们在超市能买些健康食品!

Professor: Well listen next time to find out!

A: 我就是这样! Once I start eating french fries, I can never stop! 我一定会把一包都吃完!

B: Haha, well it's okay as long as you remember that eating fast food too often is not good for you either, girl....

A: 我可没天天吃,不过有时候心情不好的时候,塞个汉堡,马上觉得全身都温暖有力了耶!

B: Hahah, totally! We all want comfort food on bad days! 下面的例子里,倒霉的Harry接着讲他倒霉的一天,咱们一起去听听看!

礼节美语--- A Really Bad Day II

Harry告诉同事Cindy, 他这一天真是倒了血霉了。早上起晚,上班迟到,忘了取送去干洗的西装,所以只好穿着T恤和牛仔裤来公司上班,不仅如此,钱包还被人偷了。Cindy听后很同情地说,

Cindy: Wow, Harry...this might just be the worst day of your life!

H: I know! (beep, beep sound) Well...when it rains it pours! Now my cell phone is out of power! And of course...I left my charger at home.

C: (sniffs) Hey...what's that smell? it's kind of nasty.

H: Yeah, you're right....it does stink. Oh! Look at my shoes! I stepped in dog poo!

C: (chuckle) It's almost funny. Well, you know...when life brings you troubles you can either laugh or cry. Maybe you should go buy a lottery ticket! One of my Chinese friends told me that when you step in doggie poo, you might win the lottery!

正聊着,Harry手机又没电了。When it rains, it pours! 这种说法是指不管好事还是坏事,要来的时候就会接二连三,在这里可以理解为祸不单行。这时,两人都闻到有臭味,It stinks. 原来是Harry不小心踩到了狗屎,dog poo. Cindy说,她的中国朋友告诉她,踩到狗屎应该去买乐透lottery,没准能中大奖。

H: Ha! Even if I wanted to...I don't have any money! I don't even know how I'm getting home tonight.

C: I can lend you some money.

H: Thanks, Cindy...that's very kind of you.

C: Not at all! Did you cancel your credit cards?

H: Not yet.

C: You better get on the phone and do that ASAP...you don't want some thief going on a shopping spree with your cards.

H: No, I certainly don't. Do you think I should report the theft to the police?

别说买乐透,Harry钱包丢了,今天连回家的路费都没有着落呢。Cindy安慰Harry, 说可以借钱给他,还问他有没有 cancel your credit cards.把信用卡都关掉,否则的话,小偷可能会拿着Harry的信用卡,go on a shopping spree 去疯狂购物。Harry说自己这就去,还问Cindy,自己要不要向警察报案。Cindy说:

C: Well...to be honest, the chances of getting your wallet back are low...but you might want to report it anyway. Maybe the cops will eventually catch the guy.

H: Ok...I'll go do that during my lunch break. Wow...what a day!

C: Keep your chin up, Harry. I know it's been a rough day for you, but someday you'll be able to laugh about this.

H: I hope so. Thanks for being a good friend.

C: Of course! What are friends for? Let me buy you lunch today...ok?

H: Cindy...you're an angel.

Cindy觉得,to be honest 老实说,钱包找回来的可能性很小,但她还是建议Harry去报案。Cindy还鼓励Harry说,keep your chin up! 抬起头来,别那么沮丧。Harry夸Cindy够意思。Cindy回答说,What are friends for? 直译为“要朋友干嘛用的?”意思是这是朋友应该做的,她最后还说,要请Harry吃中饭。

A: 说起吃饭,我今天好想吃热狗啊! 咱们等会去吃好不好!

B: Wow, I've never realized that you are a total fast food lover, girl!

A: 热狗多好吃啊,肉又多,我最爱吃肉了,哈哈!

B: Hmm Yanglin, I've got an idea! You should enter a hot dog eating competition and then you can become famous overnight! And I get to be your manager, of course.

A: 哈哈,没错没错! 在下面的美语怎么说里,咱们就来看看这个窜红的美语说法!

How to say it in American English

Donny 在北京学汉语,他的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教他。今天是吴琼要问的:窜红。

Donny: Wuqiong,你看什么杂志呢, and who's the girl on the cover?

WQ: 这是最新一期的时尚周刊。这个女生现在可红了。你肯定猜不到,她是我高中时的好朋友! 拍了一部电影,一下就窜红了!

Donny: No kidding! Introduce her to me! 对了,你说她“窜红”,什么意思啊?

WQ: 就是红得很快,suddenly 她就 famous了!

Donny: I got it. She became famous overnight.

WQ: overnight,我知道,o-v-e-r-n-i-g-h-t, overnight 就是一夜之间。To become famous overnight 就是“一夜成名”!

Donny: That's right. You can also say "she's an instant hit". Instant is spelled i-n-s-t-a-n-t, hit is spelled h-i-t.

WQ: 哦,说一个人火速窜红还可以用 an instant hit.

Donny: Yeah. In the case of this old friend of yours, you can say "her exceptional performance in the new movie made her an instant hit."

WQ: 对,我这个同学特别会演戏,电影一出来,她马上就窜红了。

Donny: WQ, I just thought of another way to put it---She catapulted to fame with her first movie!

WQ: cata 什么?怎么拼?

Donny: catapult, c-a-t-a-p-u-l-t, catapult, 有“弹弓”的意思,as a verb, it means to launch.

WQ: 我明白了,catapult 是弹弓,所以 catapult to fame, 就是“一炮而红”! 我这个朋友演了一部电影就红了,所以说 She catapulted to fame with her first movie.

Donny: That's right! Now, WQ, tell me what you've learned today!

WQ: 第一,to become famous overnight,一夜成名;

第二,to be an instant hit, 火速窜红;

第三:to catapult to fame, 就是“一炮而红”!

A: 快查查今年的吃热狗大赛是什么时候,I'll be an instant hit! 一炮而红!

B: 好吧...等会下班给你查...

A: 一言为定! 好了同学们,这次节目时间就到这里。 如果你对我们的节目有什么建议,或者想提什么问题,请发电子邮件到meiyu@voanews.com.

B: And don't forget to tune in next time for American English Mosaic!

A: See you next time!