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A: 欢迎大家来到这期的美语训练班! 我是杨琳!

B: 我是Mike! 杨琳,来告诉大家今天都要学什么?

A: 没问题! 今天,我们要聊聊旅游攻略,看看有没有倒时差的好方法,还要告诉你怎么说全盘交待!

B: Yeah, a lot of people suffer from jet lag, but it has never been a problem for me. I normally take an anti-histamine and pass out for the whole flight! I guess it's just a skill you acquire when you're a citizen of the world like me.

A: Oh my gosh! 看你自信都流出来了吧?快擦擦! (B: But it's true!) 好了好了,我们言归正传,赶快先来进入第一个单元, learn a word!

Learn A Word 1612 around-the-clock

今天我们要学的词是 around-the-clock. around is spelled a-r-o-u-n-d, around, clock is spelled c-l-o-c-k, clock, around-the-clock. around-the-clock 意思是日夜不停的,连续不断的。The two sides talked around-the-clock, trying to reach an agreement before the approaching deadline. 双方夜以继日地谈判,努力在最后期限来临之前达成协议。星期一是美国法定假日哥伦比亚日。The DC government gave 42 bars and restaurants permission to stay open around-the-clock on Columbus Day. 华盛顿特区政府准许42家酒吧和餐馆在哥伦比亚日这天不用关门,可以连续24小时持续营业。好的,今天我们学习的词是 around-the-clock, around-the-clock, around-the-clock....

A: 说起这个 around the clock, 我感同身受呀!I've been looking online around-the-clock for a cheap plane ticket to Beijing!

B: Wait, I thought you are not going back until the spring festival? Why do you want to buy a ticket now?

A: Haven't you heard prior planning prevents poor performance? It's a lot cheaper to book international flights early. Plus I want to travel a bit during my vacation, maybe to Southeast Asia. 这不,我一直在网上看旅游攻略呢!

B: You are making travel plans! Personally I think you should pick two or three places that you really want to visit, and leave the rest to itself. Sometimes you will be happily surprised if you just take a random walk in the city!

A: 恩,也是!不过只有在旅游攻略里我才能知道哪里的吃的最地道!哈!在今天的美语怎么说里,我们就要来告诉你旅游攻略该怎么说!

B: Let's listen!

How to say it in American English


Jessica: Wuqiong, what are you doing on the computer? You've spent hours on the Internet!

WQ: Jessica, 我下个月要去意大利,出门在外,不先看看旅游攻略怎么行?

Jessica: 攻略?Are you going to attack Italy?

WQ: 哪有! 旅游攻略就是去过那里的人写的心得体会,总结建议,这在美语里要怎么说呢?

Jessica: I see. You were referring to travel tips. You are right, Wuqiong, flipping through travel guide books and get some tips from the Internet can be really helpful, especially when it is your first trip to a new place.

WQ: Yep! For example, I was just looking for ways to get discount on museum tickets, and some of the tips that people shared online came in really handy!

Jessica: Make good use of the tips. They also help you avoid tourist traps!

WQ: Tourist traps? 哦,就是旅行陷阱吧! 这个最烦人了,Tourist traps are annoying and can spoil the whole trip!

Jessica: So, Wuqiong, how long are you going to stay in Italy?

WQ: 我当然希望可以慢慢走,慢慢看,仔细领略意大利的风景和文化,不过我假期有限,财力也有限,所以只有4天时间。

Jessica: Four days only? So you are going to stay in one city?

WQ: Actually I'm going to tour 4 cities and they are far away from each other.

Jessica: I see. This is a whirlwind tour then.

WQ: W-h-i-r-l-w-i-n-d, whirlwind 是旋风的意思,whirlwind tour 就是旋风旅游,也就是一阵风似的在很短的时间内去很多地方走马观花。唉,I can only afford a whirlwind tour right now. I really wish I had more time and money.

Jessica: You will! Italy's not going anywhere. You can always go back someday!

WQ: 今天我们学了,旅行攻略是 travel tips, 旅游陷阱是tourist trap, 旋风旅行则是 whirlwind tour.

B: Tourist traps! This totally reminds me of the time when I was in China.

A: 啊?你去中国的时候被坑过?怎么回事?

B: The worst were the hair salon and massage combo shops. You would go in to get a hair-cut and they would always try to sell you a hot oil massage. So annoying!!!! Or my second year in China, we went to a so-called "silk factory," but in fact it was just a tourist trap trying to sell us silk comforters! We didn't even suspect foul play before!

A: 可不!旅游陷阱处处都是,可得当心!不过你刚才提到了一个很好的词儿,foul play!咱们来听听今天的words and idioms, 学学这个习惯用语的用法!

Words and Idioms992

现在播送美国习惯用语第 992讲。我是杨琳。

M:我是Steve Baragona.


M: Foul play. Foul is spelled f-o-u-l-, and play; p-l-a-y. Foul-play.

Foul play 这个短语的意思是"不正当的行为,严重犯规"。就像上面提到的情况,老师认为不可能所有人成绩都这么好,所以怀疑有人舞弊。She suspected FOUL PLAY. 在下面的例子里,一名公司主管谈到他看到办公室一团混乱之后的反应,我们一起来听一听。

M: "When I got back to my office, my papers were scattered. I found my file cabinet had been opened and my computer turned off. My first thought was that it was a case of FOUL PLAY. But, it turned out to be rather innocent; just my colleague's kids playing around without any supervision."

[这段话是说: 当我回到办公室的时候,桌上的纸撒了一地。我发现我的档案柜被打开,电脑也被关了。我第一反应是有人闯进了办公室。但后来我发现这只是虚惊一场,是我同事的孩子在没有大人看管的情况下,在我办公室里玩来这。]

大家可能已经注意到了,foul play 也经常被用在犯罪行为上,意思就是非法的暴力行径。我的一个朋友就跟我讲过,去年圣诞节他们整个社区都遭到了一场洗劫。She discovered that thieves had broken in, and other neighbors had reported similar incidences of FOUL PLAY. 她发现小偷破门而入,其他邻居也有类似遭遇。所以说,居住的社区真的很重要呢!好了,言归正传,我们再来听听刚才那句话:

M: "When I got back to my office, my papers were scattered. I found my file cabinet had been opened and my computer turned off. My first thought was that it was a case of FOUL PLAY. But, it turned out to be rather innocent; just my colleague's kids playing around without any supervision."

上面提到,foul play经常被用在犯罪行为上。下面的例子就提到了这样一起犯罪,让我们一起去一探究竟。

M: "Police discovered the woman's body in the river. Her husband claimed she had accidentally fallen out of a canoe. Soon enough, it was determined that FOUL PLAY was involved. She had been struck on the head with a rock and left to die. The husband murdered her and intended to collect an expensive insurance policy!"

[这段话是说:警方在河里发现一具女尸。死者丈夫说,她是不小心从独木舟掉到河里去的。但是不久后,警方发现这其中其实参杂了非法行为。死者的头部是被石块击中,然后流血而死。她的丈夫谋杀了她,是为了一大笔保费! ]

太可怕了!不过到最后,这个丈夫肯定也被绳之以法了。这就像英语里一句俗语说的,Crime doesn't pay. 意思就是犯罪得不偿失。好的,我们再来听听刚才那段话:

M: "Police discovered the woman's body in the river. Her husband claimed she had accidentally fallen out of a canoe. Soon enough, it was determined that FOUL PLAY was involved. She had been struck on the head with a rock and left to die. The husband murdered her and intended to collect on an expensive insurance policy!"

今天我们学习的习惯用语是foul play, 意思是不正当的行为,或者是暴力犯罪。好的,这次[美国习惯用语]就到此结束,我是杨琳,我是Steve Baragona。谢谢各位的收听。

A: Yeah, I definitely hate any kind of foul play. 这集可真够沉重的,咱们还是回头来说说我的旅行吧!我每次回北京,都要倒时差,太浪费我宝贵的吃喝玩乐时间了!

B: Didn't you tell me you sleep like 10 hours per day? Why can't you put your superb sleeping ability into use and just sleep through the flight? Then I promise you will be fine!

A: I guess I just can't sleep on anything that's moving. 只要是在车里,飞机,什么交通工具上我都睡不好!哎...命苦呀...

B: haha, it's ok. In today's business etiquette, we are going to talk about jet lag and how to deal with it! Maybe you can get some tips from our show!
A: yep! 我们赶快来听吧!

礼节美语Jet Lag I

Mike 出差刚回来,遇到同事 Larry.

Larry: Hey, Mike! Good to have you back! You look exhausted!

Mike: Hi, Larry. Yeah, I'm totally beat. I can barely keep my eyes open!

L: Was it a rough trip?

M: Well, it was actually pretty productive, but all the flying really got to me.

L: Ah, jet lag...the scourge of business travelers.

M: Yep. I flew from Beijing to Boston for a meeting, and then hopped back on a plane for a flight to the trade fair in Frankfurt. Then back to Beijing before catching a train back here to Shanghai.

Mike出差回来十分疲惫,因为要倒时差 Jet lag. Larry 说时差是 the scourge of business travelers. scourge is spelled s-c-o-u-r-g-e, 意思是灾祸。Mike 抱怨说,All the flying really got to me. 飞来飞去真是把我折腾坏了。说一件事情 get to me 意思是这件事情对我产生了影响。

L: Wow! That's a lot of traveling! No wonder you're exhausted!

M: The worst thing was adjusting to the time zones! It's so hard to get used to the difference!

L: Yeah, it's hard. You know jet lag only hits if you travel east-west or west-east. You could fly from Germany to Cape Town in South Africa and you wouldn't feel anything.

M: Right...because it's all in the same time zone. Unfortunately for me...all my travel was between different time zones. I've gotta say: I'm really suffering! Why is jet lag so nasty?

Mike 出差去的地方老是跨时区 time zones,所以 The worst thing was adjusting to the time zones. 最讨厌的就是倒时差。从一个时区进入另一个时区,为什么会有时差,让身体感觉不舒服呢?

L: Travel between time zones basically resets your body's internal clock. M: So when you travel between time zones your body is thrown off its cycle?

L: Exactly! Some experts say it takes a full day to recover from each time zone you cross.

M: Wow, that's a long time. I'm going to need a few weeks off!

L: (chuckle) That would be best, but unfortunately our boss isn't quite that generous.

M: Is there anything I can do to make my jet lag less severe the next time I make an international trip?

Larry 解释说,进入一个新时区,就要重新调整生物钟。reset the body's internal clock。换句话说,your body is thrown off its cycle. 身体原来的作息周期被打乱了。to throw off 意思是让一件事情偏离预期的轨道。比如,His performance in the game was thrown off by the injury. 伤势让他的比赛表现受到了影响。有什么办法让倒时差不那么痛苦吗?我们下次继续听。

A: 这篇文章里的Mike被时差折腾的够呛, all the flying really got to him。 Larry解释说,the worst thing is adjusting to the time zones, 最讨厌的就是得倒时差。因为 your body is thrown off its cycle, 作息被打乱,要重新调整生物钟。

B: Yep. Some experts say it takes a full day to recover from each time zone you cross. So DC to Beijing, you just need about two weeks! You will be fine, Yanglin!

A: 啊?那一个月的假期不是全用来倒时差了?那可不行!

B: Here, Larry is throwing out some tricks about how to deal with jet lag! You should pay attention Yanglin! Let's listen!

礼节美语Jet Lag II

Mike 出差刚回来,被时差折磨得痛苦不堪,向同事 Larry 咨询缓解时差的好办法。Larry 说,

Larry: Some people take herbal medicine, but there's really no solid proof that it works. Some people take sleeping pills and try to sleep for the whole flight.

M: I guess each person has to try and find the solution that works best for them.

L: Yeah, everyone is different. But I believe there are a few things that can definitely make jet lag a little easier to deal with.

M: Oh, yeah? Like what?

L: For one don't drink alcohol on flights. It dehydrates you and only makes jet lag worse.

M: Oh, I usually have a few drinks when I fly. Maybe I'll stick to water next time.

Larry 说,为了缓解时差,有人吃中药,有人吃安眠药,上飞机就睡,这些做法因人而异。不过,也有一些普遍适用的原则,其中之一就是不能喝酒,因为酒精会让人 dehydrate 脱水,从而加剧时差症状,最好是 stick to water 只喝白水。

L: Water is best because you really need to stay hydrated, especially when you're breathing the dry air in an airplane. Also, you should try to get on the local schedule as soon as you land.

M: So even if back home it's 3:00 in the morning, I should follow the local time and not go to bed?

L: That would be best. If you get there and it's dinner time, go eat...try to adapt as quickly as possible and sometimes you'll adjust quicker. If you get super tired in the afternoon, take a catnap, but don't sleep for hours.

M: I guess that makes sense.

Larry 还建议,到达目的地后,最后立即适应当地的作息时间 get on the local schedule,如果实在太困,可以 take a catnap 小睡一会儿,catnap is spelled c-a-t-n-a-p, 但是不要蒙头大睡。

L: Your body will slowly accept a new sleep-wake cycle.

M: But the cycle is based on light from the sun, right? Then maybe I should take a walk in the morning and try to re-set my brain to the new time for light.

L: Actually, that's probably a great idea. And the exercise can't hurt either.

M: I think I'll try some of these ideas next time and see which ones work for me. Thanks for your input, Larry.

L: Sure! And have a nice rest tonight.

既然人体的生物钟受到日光照射的影响,那早上出去走走,一定有帮助,让日光重新设定身体的节律。Larry 表示赞成,因为出去走走,运动一下也一定没坏处,the exercise can't hurt either.

A: Larry说 , 有些人take herbal medicine or sleeping pills, 吃中药或者安眠药在飞机上睡觉,不过这也要因人而异。有一些原则肯定是对的,比如don't drink alcohol,不要喝酒,adjust to local schedules as soon as possible, 尽快适应当地作息,如果实在太累,take a catnap 打个盹,但是不能呼呼大睡。Hmm, I like these tips, I think it's really going to be helpful! Larry

B: Yeah, sometimes I start to live on my destination's schedule a day earlier! That way it will help me adjust even faster. And of course, exercise always helps.

A: 好吧! 我回头就要把这些窍门都用上!好了,节目快结束了,我们最后再来学个词儿!

Learn A Word 1609 tell-all

今天我们要学的词是 tell-all. tell-all is spelled t-e-l-l, all, a-l-l, tell-all. Tell-all 意思是毫无保留的,全盘揭秘的。Arnold Schwarzenegger says in his tell-all book that his affair with the maid was stupid. 施瓦辛格在他全盘大揭秘的新书中说,自己跟女佣的婚外情愚蠢之极。Pop megastar Justin Bieber's mom revealed her painful past in her tell-all book. 流行巨星贾斯汀.比伯的妈妈在大揭秘新书中,公布了自己以往痛苦的经历。有报道说,Monica Lewinsky is set to write a tell-all book about her affair with former president Bill Clinton, including her love letters to Bill. 莱文斯基正准备写一本书,彻底揭秘她跟前总统克林顿的那段婚外情,其中包括她写给克林顿的情书。好的,今天我们学习的词是 tell-all, tell-all, tell-all....

A: 哇!全盘大揭秘!Someday when I'm famous, I can write a tell-all book as well....

B: Oh, about what? About how much you eat and sleep?

A: 听众朋友们,mike 很天真可爱,每次都不知道自己已经死到临头了。 哈哈, 好了同学们,这次节目时间就到这里了。